The distance between two places

As we walked down the lane where the wind bends the trees west, I said to Mike:

“Travelling from Devon to Bristol doesn’t seem a long way now. A hundred miles, that’s two hours by car, and twice that by train. But what happens when the oil runs out?

It could take days to reach my family in Bristol (my girls, my sister, her girls). Let alone London (mother, father).

In my mind’s eye, I see corroded petrol pumps, and military guards at the train station preventing travel.

“It’s like a disaster movie in my head,” I said. “And the thing is, it could be true.”

“The real disaster is not enjoying what you have now,” said Mike.

2 responses to “The distance between two places

  1. Well, to an extent Mike is right. but it is also the oblivious enjoyment of what we have now that helps to cause the disaster which will happen. How does Mike explain to his kids that (the way you put it “the oil ran out”) because HE thought it would be a problem not to have a good time.

    I’m sorry, but we can (I think you do) travel by public transport, we can use bicycles, we can walk. Rapid transport is a recent invention, and we have abused it. Your fears that if it became restricted we would have a police state mean simply that you should get involved in politics.

    We should have a care now – whatever.


  2. Mike is right about enjoying the now. we are so privileged it’s criminal not to.
    Also it is so easy and more comfortable to put off your dreams with reasons (excuses). I always thought that I’d have my gap year ( woops sabatical) when Theo leaves home but then I thought, why wait. Who knows what will happen in 3 years? He will be fine with his Dad for a couple months when I’m away. So I’m taking it step by step and making it happen and I feel so motivated and delighted that I’m going for it.
    After reading your blog, I’d like to eat out with you. How’s about it?
    Love Naomi


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