I hate tomatoes

Today is the most depressing day of the year. A perfect time for a rant. Well, a mini-rant.

Have you noticed how many vegetarian dishes contain tomatoes?

These are the very things I can’t eat. I am not alone here. An intolerance of tomatoes (especially raw) is very common.

If you can’t live without tomato products, try Nomato. Sold in the UK, they substitute the dreaded red slimy things with yummy beetroots and carrots.

That reminds me: can anything beat a salad of beet? Grated raw beetroot and carrots (organic of course for extra nutrients and no pesticides) with an olive oil dressing and a sprinkling of roasted sunflower seeds…

That makes me feel more positive already.

4 responses to “I hate tomatoes

  1. Hi! Since I am not a vegetarian, I am having trouble getting as excited over your beetroot and carrot salad. There are many things that you can make without tomatoes.

    I sometimes make a bean salad with garbanza and cannelli beans and as you, drizzle olive oil dressing. Your sunflower seeds would give that a bit of a crunch.

    If you want something hot, why not make a vegetarian stir fry?

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  2. Elisabeth, I probably shouldn’t bother recommending you Ron Levin’s new book The Red Bodyguard – The Amazing Health Properties of the Tomato. But what the heck.


  3. Well, I think you know – I love tomatoes. Raw and cooked. I would find it odd to go out and buy a processed product called “Nomato”; why cook a pretend tomato for someone who doesn’t like tomatoes? (Yes, I’d do my best for someone who loved tomatoes but was intollerant to them…).

    If, however, you like beetroot and carrot – that is easily provided. We are here to serve, but beetroot and carrot do not taste like tomatoes; that is why we do not do Nomato. (I may be able to do something that tastes like tomatoes, but isn’t made of them – don’t see the point, though (but correct me); most people who don’t want to eat tomatoes don’t like the taste. Surely you would not want me to make your beetroot and carrot taste like tomatoes?

    Yours, Neil


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