Is GM safe?

The simple answer is: we don’t know.

A recent review of the scientific literature concerning potential health risks of GM plants published in Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition has found that published toxicological studies are very scarce, making it very difficult for anyone to claim GM foods are toxicologically safe.

Do you know anyone who actually wants to eat GM?

“Waiter, I am very disappointed – there is no GM food on the menu.”

What about the starving people of the world? Surely they would be grateful for GM food?

But it’s not really cricket to try out experimental foods on the poor, is it? Especially when GM could contaminate other crops and tie impoverished farmers into a cycle of paying for expensive pesticides (which go with the GM crop).

No GM foods are currently grown to alleviate world hunger. It’s a PR ploy to win us over.

Don’t be fooled!

2 responses to “Is GM safe?

  1. What worries me more than how unhealthy it may be to eat GM crops, is how it messes up the land on which it is grown, and the surrounding land.
    We humans (and I have proved it myself in the past) can survive well when horribly abusing ourselves. The land that grows things needs to survive somewhat longer and really should not be messed with, we should be able to pass it on to the next generation.
    While there is little research into the harm GM crops do (because the researchers mostly work for Monsanto etc), it is pretty evident that in Argentina, where they first ripped out the pasturelands to plant GM Soya (to feed the cattle, now indoors); the land and the soya crop are having problems. Tens of thousands of acres of Roundup-Ready Soya, after 5 years of planting, are growing Roundup-Ready weeds, instead of Soya; the intensive cropping is turning the lower lying lands into desert regions by draining all the water. So Argentina’s always fertile grasslands are being turned into a desert.
    Yes, say no to gmo.


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