Lentils – real fast

I love eating real food. In fact my body demands it.

“Give me substance,” it commands.

Real food is as close to its natural state as it can get. Not air-fluffed or chemical-dependent.

Organic red lentils are real. They make me sigh with happiness. And cook up pretty fast. About 20 minutes. Less if you soak them beforehand.

If you cook porridge, you can do lentils. Just add water to cover (a full handful of lentils per person), simmer, and stir to stop any cooked lentils sticking to the pan. Too dry? Add tablespoons of water. Too wet? Let it simmer a bit longer. Stir the pot to stop it sticking. Stirring also encourages a satisfying mush.

Things you can add for taste are endless. I used to love lemon juice and mushrooms (mixed into the cooked lentils) now I like slivers of chilli pepper (added at the start). Fresh chopped coriander is good (mixed in last), so is coconut slivered from a block (add to the simmering pot).

What would you add to a dish of warm, soothing lentils?

6 responses to “Lentils – real fast

  1. Hi,

    For me, the best thing is to – in a separate pan – fry some sliced garlic and just a few whole spices such as black mustard seed, cumin seed, fenugreek seed onion seed (kalonji) and perhaps a sliced shallot.

    Do this once the lentils are cooked, use vegetable oil or butter (don’t be shy) and fry the spices quickly in very hot oil, just to release their natural oil then tip the whole lot into the lentils stir once and serve…

    Another tip is NEVER add salt until the lentils are cooked. Adding it to the water early on can cause the lentils to harden and not cook properly.


    PS – I saw you ecademy.


  2. Hi Elisabeth!

    I think I had a long running doubt about lentils, often wondering if all the people who claimed to like them had a tastebud deficiency.

    However, after tasting some of your lentil concoctions, stews and soups… I am converted. They are a tasty, versitile and nutritious foodstuff.

    Yum! I want to play with lentils and my miso stew next.

    Chloe x


  3. I am also a great fan of lentils, especially flavoured by chilli, mushrooms and coconut…these are all ultrahealthy ingredients: lentils to control sweet cravings and blood sugar, chilli to warm the body and kill any pain, mushrooms for high quality vegetarian protein, which is essential for great immune response and coconut to lift your energy levels….Fabolous! Elena Renier, Medical Herbalist


  4. Juliette (niece, pictured in couscous cousins)

    Well my friends think that I eat lentils too much but I think that they are so good for light lunches or snacks. This simple recipe is wicked. Add chives and walnuts to the lentils and a simple vinaigrette, oil, vinegar, dijon, salt, pepper. Delicious. My friends even think so too.

    Love Juliette. x x x


  5. I feel delirious with joy reading this because you are the next generation – this gives me hope for the future.

    You are an ambassador.

    Carry on spreading the word about the wonders of lentils.


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