Law of attraction

Spilt olive oil and reminder note to buy more

Valentine evening began on a real food lover note. A salad of organic fresh leaves from Better Food and sprouted radish from Aconbury, with sunflower seeds and vinaigrette. Steaming brown rice mixed with flakes of roasted organic salmon.

Listen, the fish is oak smoked by David Felce in his own kiln. The royal real food lover (my mother) says his smoked organic salmon is the best. It’s a family aspiration to have a good fishmonger. Can a girl have two? Bristol Farmers’ Market fulfills that role twice over – more on my next shopping trip. (Pic of David Felce below).

The Law of Attraction deems positive thinking can manifest wishes. I had duly “visualised” us grooving in a club. But post-dinner, things started to unravel. Winkler unprepared for travel action google-maps for directions, only to find the disco hall in disappointing darkness. Expectations of Valentine-harmony menace to take a dive. The only answer is funky Cheltenham Road on Bristol’s East Side.

11pm. The Valentine diners have dined. Bar one30 has had a tough night – the DJ was chef and the glass washer broke. But nothing dinted their welcome. It was like being at a festival – raw and real. The mixologist created a dream cocktail from my particular predilections: Baileys Irish Cream, Amaretto and honey vodka poured over crushed ice and sprinkled with ground cinnamon. Wow. (Seriously. Wow.) We named it Cocktail Zizi after one of my personalities.

When we left, the manager blew kisses, and the mixologist apologised for the chaos. Mike said, “It is much more interesting being at the edge of Valentine’s Day.”

David Felce, fishmonger, listening to animated customer

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