Love smoothie


There is nothing more pleasant than a smoothie and its pleasures are fairly instant. If you love drinking smoothies in a café (as I did in La Ruca, see pic) it’s worth investing in a blender or smoothie maker. You need electricity to make a smoothie smooth. (If anyone knows differently, tell me.)

For those planning to live on smoothies (we all have times in our life like that) then vary the ingredients as much as possible.

The delight we derive from variety is nature’s way of making sure we get diverse nutrients.

Smoothies are personal. Everyone has different tastes. This website has loads of smoothie recipes to choose from. Luckily, so I can be lazy and tell you my favourite.

You need to stock up on a few things. I find cow’s milk makes me snuffle so I use soya milk (organic because I don’t want them GM beans) and also (if this is a week’s siege) I would splash out on a carton or two of rice or nut milk. You can make your own.

Banana forms the basis because it is a mood stabiliser (all that potassium, you know), as well as easy-to-eat and sweet. Add a grape or two, or a mango sliver. What fruits do you like?

Start by whisking/blending the banana. A teaspoon of nut butter (peanut, almond or cashew) for added protein? Some raw porridge oats? This is the time to whiz ’em in a mash with a tablespoon of milk or apple juice.

Pour the milk in slowly (a mugful for one). Look, if it gets gloopy, add liquid to gently thin it out.

You can blend in raw grated or ground ginger (great for my digestion) if you like. What I also adore is cinnamon.

Cooking is a bit of an experiment (no dish is the same each time) – that’s what keeps it interesting.

5 responses to “Love smoothie

  1. Cinnamon in a smoothie?! I never would have thought! We wake up each morning to a breakfast smoothie with frozen fruits like mango, pineapple, peach, grapes, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, soy milk, apple juice, water, ice cubes and a few tbsp of oatmeal for good measure.

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. You can put all sorts of things in smoothies, nuts, seeds, spinach, carrots. Definately cinnamon or nutmeg, muesli, honey. You could could even smoothie up your sunday lunch if you wanted 🙂

    Its always nice to juice your own fruit and then use that, but even better (with all the fibre and goodness) just stick the whole fruit in. mmm, I can feel a concoction coming on!



  3. Bananas form the base because they are what makes the smoothies smoothies – nothing to do with moods; a smoothie is flavoured pulped banana. Fine if you like it, good for you as well. Just not my cup of pulp.

    I used to love bananas; when I was a kid you could get Fyfe’s stuff shipped over here that were good almost green, and even better over-ripe when they went black (amazing in sandwiches). We don’t get those bananas any more; the ones we get nowadays taste mouldy before they reach this black ripeness.

    I think the smoothie is just an attempt to emulate the decent banana using the sad bananas we get (artificially ripened on the journey over by pumping gasses into the holding containers) and attempting to make something worthwhile out of them.

    Hey, Elizabeth – I’m not knocking; I can’t, you know what a cheat I am. I’m just talking personal tastes. Smoothies are banana based – I might try something else…

    Cap’n Vegan


  4. Good to welcome you on board again, Cap’n.

    As usual you have provoked thought.

    What would you put in a banana-less smoothie to smooth it?


  5. Dunno, it would need experimenting with. Most fruit will mush rather than gloop – perhaps I’d use marrow or squash. Hard for me, though – I still like my drinks liquid, my foods solid. I wonder if playing would get me to like smoothies?


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