Bean and beetroot comfort pie

Bean and beetroot topped with mashed potato on a plate

With a gale blowing outside, it was time to cook up some comfort food. No ingredient was safe as I ransacked the kitchen.

I boiled some potatoes, and mashed ’em with butter. Then I drained and tipped tinned kidney beans into a pan with a raw beetroot, cubed, and mushrooms, sliced. Plus a palmful of dried roasted buckwheat for earthiness (thanks, Chloe) and sliced fresh chilli, some salt and ground cinnamon for perkiness.

Once cooked (beetroot cubes still crunchy, or al dente), I poured the kidney bean mush into a greased casserole dish and forked the mashed potato on top, dotting it with butter. Then baked it in the oven for 40 minutes at a medium heat.

The dish looks dramatically red but there’s nary a tomato in sight – the colour is all down to the beautiful beetroot (and those kidney beans). And the minimalist amount I put on the plate for the dish’s photo shoot bears absolutely no relation to the amount I wolfed down.

UK food prices are soaring, and meat and dairy most of all. So if I had slowed on the butter, this would have been a topical economy dish.

But saving money on food should not be about depriving oneself, I think, but making good ingredients go further. So a bit of butter makes things better – especially when the winds are howling.

4 responses to “Bean and beetroot comfort pie

  1. I really cannot wait to make this incredibly heatlhy dish! Beetroot to cleanse the blood, mushrooms and a little butter to strengthen, buckwheat for vision and cinnamon for warmth and get up and go! What more should I desire from life’s treasures?…Ah! just make sure you have proper raw sea or Himalayan salt…


  2. Elena – I beg you please tell me more about Himalayan salt. I saw it on your website recipes but it is unfamiliar to me. I use untreated Atlantic rock salt. Is Himalayan better?

    And thanks for your comments showing food’s medicinal role. Buckwheat for vision – ah thanks for that!

    People, Elena’s approach to health through food is second to none. Hotfoot it over to (or click from my blogroll)


  3. Elisabeth, untreated Atlantic rock salt sounds very good, where can we find this? Himalayan salt is available in health shops or over the internet and contains perhaps a hundred different minerals, other than Sodium chloride (ordinary refined rock salt, a poison!). A pinch of salt with your food may be good for you! Elena


  4. realfoodlover

    I bought the untreated Atlantic sea salt produced by Danival from my local (when in Devon) organic food shop, Marshford Organic. However it is available online from another favourite organic supplier Goodness Direct
    Another salt much recommended and widely available (including in supermarkets) is Maldon Salt.
    While researching my answer, I found this fascinating website It’s also got some of the best definitions of organic certification I have seen!
    Thanks, Elena, for expanding my knowledge. I will definitely look out for Himalayan salt now!


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