Substance over style soup

Soup in a bowl wrapped in pink furry skarf

The wind still blows – no time for foraging in the wild. Another raid on the kitchen produced this comforting soup.

Presentation never being my strongest point (I am a substance-over-style gal myself), this soup looks distinctly sludgy. Hence I wrapped it in my best charity shop scarf to emphasise its comfort value.

I soaked a handful of this and that – dried green peas, red lentils, buckwheat, the wondrous quinoa – omigod, what did not get chucked in? Let me see, there was also sliced fennel, parsnip and carrots. (All organic, of course). I simmered the soup for half an hour with a mild fresh chilli and a fierce dried one and a bit of salt to taste. And once served, added tamari.

It was easy to make and went down a treat but even I must admit would not win a beauty concert. (‘Twas the health-giving quinoa which lent it a porridge-like appearance). Maybe this is the point. It may look like slop but it still tastes top.

Chloe’s pudding (the fantastically dark Green & Black’s cooking chocolate lightly grated over yogurt spooned over a slice of Co-op date and walnut cake) provided the luxury item.

Bowl with yogurt with grated chocolate

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