Sausage and soup

Bowl of beetroot-red soup beside half-eaten sausage

Lunchtime in Corn Street. Unusual sight. It was Wednesday, Bristol’s farmers’ market day and – was I dreaming? – the street was empty. Where were my familiar local real food stalls?

Turned out a gale threatened and officials had sent the street traders to shelter in Saint Nicholas’ market. I found spelt loaves in its medieval stone portico, wet fish under its Victorian glass roof.

Time for lunch at the (covered) Rolls Royce cafe, smack-bang in the middle of Saint Nick’s daily bustle.

So I ordered smooth parsnip and beetroot soup, inventively seasoned with horseradish and ginger and respectably seasonal. It was so good I thought it was home-made (now that’s an accolade). The soup in fact hails from the Yorkshire Provender (soon to offer organic ones).

The Rolls Royce café is so community-minded, it lets you eat food you have bought elsewhere in this food kaleidoscope of a market.

I never eat pork, right, for atavistic reasons. But for some unaccountable reason, I let myself be persuaded by “Try the maple and pork, you won’t regret it,” from the man who left his office job to set up on his own selling organic, local and incredibly tasty sausages.

Did I regret eating the pork? No. Its sweet taste and yielding softness left little room for guilt, and combined with the seasonal soup, seemed delectable.

However, I confess: I didn’t want to tell you.

2 responses to “Sausage and soup

  1. Hi E
    I never realised you didn’t eat pork, I’d better get weaving on the Merguez sausages then.
    My pork sausages i was telling you about turned out fine. Simple but good meats and quite a good seasoning (could have used more pepper I thought). I gave some to G, J and Ch and they polished them off, I’m told. You reminded me about the farmers’ market – I must go. Keep up the good work and thanks to you both for last weekend. Paul


  2. I can’t wait to eat your homemade sausages, Paul – I bet they taste good. Looks like I do eat pork now – but generally (when in a carnivorous mood), I prefer lamb because you can’t intensively-farm sheep – they just roam in fields and do their sheep thang. I get confused about my own reasons. Am I not eating it because the Ancient Elders said (Old Testament and pork) or because the Modern Elders say so (free range and all that)? Or because I am Blood Type A (can’t digest meat) or a latent vegan (meat morality)? Confusing.

    Glad I reminded you about Bristol’s Farmers’ market on Wednesday – and there’s the Slow Food one on the first Sunday of every month…


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