Goat’s cheese salad with grapes and goji berries

Bowl with salad and goat’s cheese and grapes

I was feeling a bit under the weather but this salad revived me.

Chloe (who by now knows I won’t touch a raw tomato, nor am enamoured of radish or spring onion) made me a Winkler-friendly version.

Extending her repertoire to cater for my fussiness, she found new ways to palate-please by adding sliced grapes and goji berries to Marshford‘s organic salad leaves and carrots.

The salty creaminess of the (organic) goat’s cheese with the sweet wetness of the grape with the earthy-tartness (oi, earth tart!) of the goji was indeed a felicitous mixture.

Maude (above) also approved (and is not a salad-lover like me).

I had consciously let go of kitchen-control, sat instead while others cooked (steamed turnips and baked fish followed the restorative salad).

My attempts at zen-like submission were rewarded.

One response to “Goat’s cheese salad with grapes and goji berries

  1. What a refreshing Mediterranean tomato salad, radish and spring onions with with creamy Goat’s cheese, grapes and Chinese Goji berries….I imagine a nostalgic Oriental sweet and sour buzzing taste! Fabolous “blood building” Goji berries to keep those sweet cravings in check!


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