Kamut tagliatelle, salmon and scallops

Bowl of kamut pasta and salmon flakes and scallops and haricot bean casserole

The bean and pumpkin casserole put in another appearance the next day, nestling in nicely to this wheat-free pasta dish. Kamut is a beautiful grain and it makes a fine pasta. After cooking the kamut tagliatelle in boiling water for ten minutes and draining it, we flaked in cooked salmon and topped the bowl with scallops (fried for a few minutes in a pan) and mustard cress for greenness.

As for cooking the salmon cutlets, we did it Mike’s way (after a restrained and reasonably polite wrangle). He put the fish on a baking tray into a cold oven and then whacked up the oven’s heat very high. After about ten minutes, the first side was cooked, so he flipped over the salmon cutlets.

Beware. With the Mike method, the other side cooks very quickly (a few minutes) because by this time the oven is very hot indeed. So don’t get distracted.

The salmon was non-organic and farmed so I had to close my mind to the horrors of over-crowded fish dosed up on antibiotics. Organic salmon is better (though still contentious) and, for taste, nothing beats sustainably-caught wild.

(But the truth is salmon is overfished, a precious creature now factory-farmed. So, no. I cannot justify my purchase).

Both the salmon and the scallops came from the supermarket. This gives me no joy to tell you, either. I am of the view the less we buy from supermarkets, the better it is for the world.

Sometimes I do not follow my own principles and this was one of those times.

The meal was actually a feast, and it would have been disrespectful not to have enjoyed it. So I did.

One response to “Kamut tagliatelle, salmon and scallops

  1. This must taste really delicious and very good on sensitive guts too… Once in a while or two!


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