Black bream roasted

Black bream before baking

Look at this fine fish, called black bream. What an intelligent look in its eye.

Non-flesh eaters may want to stop reading now.

Mike cut slits in the fish’s sides, right down to the bone. I then inserted dried thyme and fresh parley into the slits and its gutted cavity.

I placed it on an oiled baking sheet in a cold oven then whacked up the heat to its max. About 10-15 minutes later, it was sizzling and I turned it over to roast the other side for a few minutes.

We ate it with organically-grown potatoes from Marshford.

For some unfathomable reason, black bream is not considered trendy.

Yet black bream has a firm white sweet flesh comparable to its more expensive cousin, sea bass (but a fraction of the price).

“How much did it cost?” asked Mike, as we dined like kings in the back garden.

“Pennies,” I said.

I had bought it at the Beach House Wet Fish at Widemouth Bay for something like two pounds sterling (and it fed three of us).

I sing the shop’s praises here.

4 responses to “Black bream roasted

  1. I never know what fish to get! Is that all you paid? It does look intelligent – in a slightly grumpy way. Your recipe sounds fool proof and delicious. I think I might have to ask for this fish at my local farmer’s market this weekend.


  2. I checked again with the fishmonger. This fine fish is actually a gilt-head (note the silvery band between its eyes) black bream. Yes, at £4.50 a pound – and one fish weighing a pound and feeding three, my dish really could be counted in pennies. Mallika, I too am learning about fish…I’d be interested in how you might cook fish in a quick Indian way (as I eat more fish than meat).

    Check out Mallika’s great site


  3. Ah ha. Mallika has done the bizz with fish curry – I am now off to marinade my fish


  4. Under the Blog Info tab i clicked “random post.” What a neat function. It led me to this post here about your cheap and fishy meal.

    I love how you brought my attention to the eyes of the fish by speaking about it’s appearance of intelligence. @ Mallika: I think the grumpiness of the fish might also display it’s intelligence. Perhaps he has a keen awareness of what is on the menu?? 🙂

    Good post!


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