Turmeric salmon in coconut milk with lentils

Salmon on a bed of lentils with coconut and turmeric

I have a lot of time for turmeric. A healing spice, it boosts immune systems and soothes digestion. Sometimes my constitution wails: “Give me live plain yogurt mixed with a teaspoon of turmeric!” Once obeyed, it calms down, immediately.

The other morning for breakfast, I sprinkled turmeric on organic eggs fried in olive oil. Clearly there is no end of uses for this spice that grants dramatic orangy-yellow to all it touches yet remains pleasant and mild to taste.

The above dish was inspired by the marinade in Mallika’s recipe for fish curry. As instructed by that knowledgeable gal, I basked the fish (in this case a big fat fillet of organic salmon) for several hours in turmeric with some salt and slivers of fresh chilli. (Or sprinkle chilli powder).

I then riffed by cooking the turmeric-coated fillet in a saucepan of simmering (tinned) coconut milk. I let it bubble gently for five minutes (it was a thick fillet) then turned off the light. It can carry on cooking in the heat of the milk.

Luckily I had soaked and cooked organic green lentils and mung beans. The fish went splendidly on a bed made of these gorgeous soft nutritious things.

I felt a bit wicked because I could hear my mama’s voice in my head saying: “You should not disguise the taste of good ingredients with sauces.”

True. Fishiness disappeared in the coconut…

Yet it tasted so aromatic and smooth, I had to forgive myself.

5 responses to “Turmeric salmon in coconut milk with lentils

  1. wow.
    thanks for that, nice to read!




  2. mmm, i forgot to mention how much i enjoyed eating this when i arrived in bristol, thanks! 🙂


  3. Wonderful photograph and wonderful point: never forget the turmeric, it has marvellous antioxidant and lymphatic cleansing activity.


  4. where did you buy yours ? Do I have to buy this organic ?
    After browsing your website and some more in details at http://www.worldhealthyfoods.com/herbs-and-natural-supplements/turmeric .
    I’m ready to go to the market to buy some turmeric and put them in eggs, soup or rice.
    thank you so much for the great info.


    • Hi Lisa

      Thanks for your comment – I am glad you are inspired by turmeric too!

      Wild salmon is the best. However when buying farmed salmon, I personally choose organic because I hate what goes into non-organic farmed salmon: colour dye, unsustainanable feed, fish crowded into small spaces, fish lice because of crowding and then routine antibiotics to cope with fish lice.

      Salmon farmed organically are still being penned in (as opposed to living in the wild) but at least their animal welfare standards are far higher.

      You can buy organic salmon on the internet. Sadly in the UK, traditional fishmongers are an endangered species.

      This leaves supermarkets as main suppliers of fresh fish. Otherwise, hunt down a small local fishmonger.

      I am lucky to get fish at Bristol Farmers’ market where we have two fresh fish stalls!


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