Soup with Fishworks fish

Soup with Fishworks fish

We bought fish at the Fishworks stall at the Real food festival to cook at my friend S’s that evening.

We asked for a piece of monkfish (from our shores) and nine wild prawns (from Australia). The Fishworks stall was piled high with fresh fish and shellfish (see lobsters in the pic at the end of this blog) looking fabulously fresh and real.

Back at S’s, we slithered the prawns’ coats from them, putting their shells in a pot with water to cover and some tastes like salt, parsley and the feathery bits of a fennel.

We simmered it for half-an-hour to make a speedy fish stock, which we strained through a sieve.

We discarded the shells (after a discussion about whether we could compost them).

Meanwhile I sliced fennel and leeks with my small sharp magic knife also from the Real food festival. An impulse buy I won’t regret. It cost £10 and has ergonomic holes making it cut most efficiently.

We sweated the veg in olive oil and added it to the strained fish stock.

Then we plopped in the monkfish cut in fat chunks (which performs well under pressure and doesn’t go all flaky) followed by the naked prawns. We also wilted spinach bought at the wondrous Green Lanes which has shops (even a barber) open at night, just like I like my shops.

We served the soup with organic sourdough bread from Judges Bakery (also forraged from the Real food festival).

In half-an-hour we had produced a soup to make S go mnnnn. I was so happy to cook for my dear friend and say thank you for giving us sanctuary in the capital city.

Lobsters and parsley on the Fishworks stall 24/4/08

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