Andy’s vegan curry and a coincidence

Andy\'s veg vegan curry

When you are partying in a field, a warming bowl of aromatic vegan veg curry on a bed of rice is most reassuring. The field had been transformed overnight into a human encampment with dance tents, music and smoking fires. And a kitchen under canvas to which I gravitated.

Andy was catering. He had borrowed pots, hired gas rings and an urn, and was cooking at a trestle table. I have a gypsy fantasy of being a festival cook but it’s bloody hard work.

Anyway, we chat about food and he mentions a friend studying at the Slow Food university called Henry.

“Henry who?” I ask, thinking of Henry Hoffman

“Henry Hoffman,” says Andy.

This is the one and the same Henry who commented about my pics from Italy saying, quite rightly, my header pic needs serious attention.

The sages say there is no such thing as a coincidence. Here I am in a Somerset field meeting someone who was schoolboy pal and is fellow foodie with the unknown stranger-person who commented on my blog.

If I am to extract a deeper meaning, I would say I need a new header pic asap. And possibly help from Henry Hoffman himself.

5 responses to “Andy’s vegan curry and a coincidence

  1. Andrew and I shared some of our first cooking adventures almost 20 years ago. We were especially interested in Italian food. We made pretty good pizza fritta (deep frying in extra virgin olive oil, courtesy of Andrew’s mum). We tried a few times to get to grips with gnocchi but never managed it (once we were so upset with the result that we threw chunks of it around the garden).

    I can certainly help with a header picture – let me know and I’ll guide you through it.



  2. I remember the gnocci incident too – we probably made some pretty good grouting! I persevered with the dish for some reason though, the best batch was made in Kerala with some kind of yam that was fairly sweet, my hosts thought I was making very small parantha until I started messing about with a fork and boiling them. Apparently there is a South Indian boiled potato dumpling but I don’t know what it’s called or if it has many fans.


  3. I love your blog – I love its richness and diversity – spirituality alongside healthy eating. Marvellous. As a vegetarian I love your quick and easy veggie meals. Inspiring in their simplicity. Well done you! I also love your gadding about – from mandala offering to all-night dancing in a field.


  4. Yes, I’ve decided I am a fan of this blog. Besides the oft-mentioned oats, you focus on my alkaline diet which I follow due to an acid reflux condition, a disease among Westerners.
    This summer, my gadding about consisted of one rather disastrous trip from my hometown in Arizona, to California (see my comment to blog on Buddhafield). The rest of the time I live in a dimly remembered world, circa 1910, wherein live the women leaders involved in the Bolshevik Revolution. The dialogue buzzes around my head and simply begs to be spilled out onto paper. VI Lenin reminds of a boyfriend I once had.


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