Baked apples

I searched my trusty cookery books but in the end only Mrs Beeton’s yielded a recipe for baked apples. I customised it, omitting sugar, and used chopped-up organic dates and prunes plus sultanas and sunflower seeds to stuff the de-cored apples. I dotted butter on top, and placed the stuffed unpeeled apples in an ovenproof dish with a thumbnail of water and baked it for an hour at Gas mark 4 (180 degrees).

They emerged from the oven, fluffed-up apple-flesh bursting from their heat-withered skin. Hmmmm, worthy contenders for a competition, methinks…

My apples were organic, natch, because I didn’t fancy the cocktail of factory-made pesticides sprayed on most apples.

I had bought my big fat organic cooking apples at Bristol Farmers’ Market from the stall of the wondrous Avon Organic Group (below). I say wondrous because it is a voluntary group that helps maintain a local organic orchard and allotments in the city. Where would we be without such dedication?

It’s Apple day on October 21. I keep noticing the little darlings ripening on trees in the stillness of autumn.

If you love baked apples, and you ever come across an apple-corer, do not hesitate. Just buy it. A corer costs a few pounds and will be your lifelong-kitchen friend even if you only use it once a year.

I value mine so much, I photographed it on a velvet cushion (see below).

PS Emboldened by Antonia’s invite (see comments), I hereby enter the humble apples into their second competition at Food Glorious Food, organised in aid of British Food Fortnight.

6 responses to “Baked apples

  1. That looks delicious – I put home made mincemeat in mine – You can get vegetarian suet to make it if you don’t fancy the real thing.
    I picked blackberries on the weekend and made a blackberry and apple crumble, the subject of my next blog post – I managed to get a good photo of the steam rising from it, so I thought I might entitle the shot “Black Lava”, or something like that………


  2. I don’t have an apple corer, but it looks like a useful tool!


  3. I just love baked apples – so simple but yet so satisfying. Perfect for this time of year. I love your stuffing of dates and prunes too.
    As you rightly said in your comment, this would be perfect for my competition so do please feel free to enter it if you would like to (not a problem to enter it for two events!).


  4. Baked apples are delicious, I’m a fan of the super sour cooking apples that can be found at this time of year. I have strange tastes like that 🙂


  5. This blog has only four comments but actually gets some of the most views…


  6. sounds delicious – I want one now!


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