Beautiful food grown by us

The inspiration for this blog is manifold.

It owes its line-length to skinny writing

and the vegetables in the picture

to the organic Better Food Company

where I shop, happily, in Bristol.

I also want to multi-dedicate this post

to the planet’s coolest conference, Blog08

and the winner of my first blog competition.

More soon.

And please leave me a comment!

3 responses to “Beautiful food grown by us

  1. Lovely concise writing and

    I enjoyed Better Foods

    again today ;o)


  2. Thank you for your kind words – our gourdy display does look fantastic I know.

    Believe it or not, we’re now slowly cranking up for Christmas, via Halloween and Guy Fawks, so our next display should be good n sprouty.

    I like the comments on skinny writing. Think I need more practice – I tend to ramble horizontally a bit…

    I love the site by the way – I’ll be back


  3. The site is looking great. I’m glad my idea about linking to the comments has worked for you. Now let’s hope it makes things easier for everyone else too!

    All the best from


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