Schadenfreude at the Sunshine café

There was a huge outcry when BBC entertainers, Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand, went too far with their overgrown-schoolboy humour.

I confess, I am finding their hubris more entertaining than their shows, hence my schadenfreude-shiver. Why am I so lacking in compassion for these two?

I’ll tell you why: because Ross and Brand are paid huge salaries from taxpayers’ money.

A ridiculous pyramid structure rewards the very few at the very top with obscene amounts of money. Meanwhile many performers of equal talent get overlooked and underpaid.

The BBC turns out excellent programmes that – true to the corporation’s original mission – educate, inform and entertain. Yet over the last few years, their budgets have been slashed.

I drown my sorrows at the Sunshine cafe in Westward Ho! which has a Gaggia coffee machine, is open until 10pm and serves eggs are from a local farmer.

Think how many wonderful performers we could pay with the sums saved from Ross and Brand’s salaries!

Let’s hope the BBC has the guts to do so.

Do you think there’s fresh talent is out there?

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7 responses to “Schadenfreude at the Sunshine café

  1. Those two aren’t worth the fuss. The BBC bosses ought to spend more time and effort finding the fresh talent, as you quite rightly suggest!


  2. You’re absolutely right, Elisabeth. The fact is, local arts and entertainment talent needs a funding boost. In every street corner, there are talented people, who should be considered as a public good, and get paid by the state. Live entertainment venues should be local and also state funded. Unbelievable that these awful people (Ross and Brand) are paid huge sums. Hopefully, your idea will take root as a result of this debacle. Also, and this hasn’t been mentioned much by the UK press, these guys are incredibly misogynistic. Obviously, Brand had discussed with Ross, locker room style, his ‘encontre’ with the young lady. The fact that she is a hooker, is irrelevant (although one wonders if Brand paid her). More important, is these guys’ belief that it is okay to insult a woman, either in private or on air. And, I also found it quite sickening that Brand was so taken up with the idea of being with someone remotely connected to his childhood TV idol. I hate this type of pop culture worship. It’s very infantile. Thanks for letting me have my say.


  3. The whole story is a meditation on the confused role of women in western society. Georgina is member of a burlesque troupe called The Satanic Sluts who ‘play’ with the so-called traditional view of women as sexy vamps for entertainment, music-hall style. It’s not my cup of tea but also no reason to betray a private encounter.


  4. It all came about because of the BBC’s chasing after yoof audiences. I wonder how many of those yoof pay a TV licence? Why isn’t a simple questionaire/survey included in the constant reminders so that the people who actually pay the money can make their choice? And I’m sure the majority of payers would still want proper childrens’ BBC, but maybe not puerile, overgrown egos spouting their “cutting edge” crap.


  5. The BBC is in competition with the other channels, which is why they case the yoof audience. I’m quite sure that the young lady also sells her services as a dominatrix. The BBC has a huge audience overseas for its comedy and drama on TV, so should stick to that. But…going back to food! My husband’s Salvadorena relatives ar e in the house, and I don’t recognize my kitchen! It’s been taken over by these wonderful ladies who are cooking salsa, burritos, and pupusas. I am learning !!


  6. I’m offended for most of the obvious reasons, but also on behalf of comedy because what they did simply was not funny.


  7. The BBC is scrupulous when it comes to its lesser employees but overlooks the antics of its highly-paid ones – such is the distorting power of fame.

    I rate Joan Smith’s analysis in the Independent on Sunday of Ross and Brand’s outmoded ‘humour’


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