Firewalking in Bristol


After firewalking (she says nonchalantly – of more later) we ate by candlelight (see pic) wholefood vegetarian dishes we had bought to share: tofu, sprouts and potato salads, hummus, homebaked spelt loaves and a coconut-apple dish to round off the feast.

In a forgotten farm lane in the heart of Bristol city, the Larch barn (our home for seven hours) made eco-living a reality. Powered solely by solar panels on a grey-cloudy day, the sudden departure of electricity plunged us would-be firewalkers into dramatic darkness.

The candles sent shadows flying to the wooden eaves.

The fire we had built earlier in the rare November light was burning brightly in the winter night.Β  Waiting.

We had prepared: voiced some fears (and did not exhaust my list). It was striking to hear others express sometimes identical anxieties – I was not alone when gripped by irrational thoughts.

Sumir, our firewalking teacher, guided our 12-strong group like a gentle young father. Firewalking four years ago in California had been the catalyst for jacking in a sensible career to follow his dream of making music.

I am slightly group-averse but something about facing this fire-filled experience broke through my usual social barriers. We stood on the cold grass in our bare feet.

Samir raked the fire so the embers glowed.

The first person crossed the red-hot dust and I followed as if caught in her eddy.

I walked, as instructed, at my normal pace. I was crunching on hot embers but it did not hurt – no minor blisters or any ill after-effects. I accepted and gave hugs to my fellow firewalkers. We crossed and recrossed the embers several times. It was exhilarating.

And of course I had to write about it.

Is it OK to boast?

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13 responses to “Firewalking in Bristol

  1. Wow! Was this a form of hypnosis? Am impressed, very. And you can boast. It just goes to show the mind’s potential. The mind is a strange instrument; we actually know very little about it. Take Obama, and the spell he has cast on millions of Americans. He kept using the words ‘hope’ and ‘change’ and ‘yes we can’, over and over again. But in fact, he is for war and bailing out the banks. He said that too. No one noticed the discrepancy, the contradiction in terms. David Icke, in his latest newsletter (get it on has a brilliant analysis of the mind control and hypnosis techniques used in Obama’s speeches. Meanwhile, and this is the truth, so called illegal immigrants and their families who’ve travelled from Mexico looking for jobs in the US, are being arrested in the Southwest of America (New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada) and literally disappeared. No lawyers, no way to get in touch with these folks. Rumors of detention camps. Obama’s immigration policy is identical to the Republicans. Obama is putting more of the same in charge: Robert Gates still heading up the CIA, for example. The election is cosmetic change only, we are in for a bumpy ride. Obama wants more war, in Pakistan, in Afghanistan. Russia has sent its war ships to protect the coast of Venezuela, long a target of the US. Israel has cordoned off one and a half million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, no reporters allowed in. A bit of positive hypnosis is needed. The message is, yes we can have respect for everyone’s human rights. Can the firewalker guy work on that? Can we all learn to control our minds, focus on the truth and turn this thing around? This is an emergency. By the way, incredible situation in Thailand: revolutionary movement to overthrow the government there.


  2. This is mindblowing, not totally surprising but nonetheless shocking. One thing that is beyond doubt is that the majority of American people who voted for Obama are genuinely for change and hope – that fact can never be eradicated whatever happens next. The truth is MOST people want to live in peace with each other – it’s a minority of vested interests that seek conflict. Oh, how sad.


  3. Well done Elisabeth,

    the first step to emerging from fear is to see it for what it is, a construct of the mind.

    Once we start to see this and realise that we can choose what we fear, we begin to regain control.

    This is the only way that people will stop following leaders who promise security.

    Change lies within,

    Be the change, Mike x


  4. I think it is amazing what we can create when we come together with shared intentions. The fact is, we are creating the world as per global intentions, i just don’t think we are being conscious of our intentions. As we wake up to a new consciousness, the external world will reflect it.

    I remain optimistic in my thoughts and actions.


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  6. I love Obama.


  7. Overcoming a fear sets you free. Well done you


  8. Yes, yes it was an amazing day. Especially that it ended with such a feast. I met wonderful people there. Thank you all again!


  9. I’d love to try firewalking – had the chance once but bottled out!

    As for Obama – he’s using the same defence secretary as George Bush, and his Secretary of State is pro-Iraq war Hilary….meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.


  10. i think its amazing to walk on fire. i kind of regret shrugging off leanne’s invite now. i am sure i could do it. as penance i am going to accept the challenge set by my new emplyers (playbus) and learn how to drive their double decker bus!


  11. hi!
    i was there!!! it was soooooo great!!!!! this where
    i meet elisabeth, lots of other people!!
    i love it!!!! yo, who did not try it should’ve try
    it!!! it was soo great!!!!


  12. I attended both firewalks with Sumir in Bristol this Autumn so i’m well and truely fearless now!
    i feel strongly however that facing our fears is all part of a process we go through in our own time, when we’re ready, sometimes whether we like it or not!
    We don’t really need an external fire to walk across as we all have that fire of the unknown in our hearts, and we can choose to walk across it every day.
    It was an amazing experience however an i feel incredibly lucky to have been part of such powerful workshops and to have shared them with such wonderful people.
    Love and blessings from Leanne


  13. Elizabeth you are an adventuress!! How does that work!? I wonder how that would have gone for me … hmmmm …. could I do it on my crutches and one leg? Would I have the nerves? I highly doubt it, but good for you!

    I love Obama too (like Ingrid Rose)!

    Elizabeth, I believe (like you that), “The truth is MOST people want to live in peace with each other.” For the first time in forever I was proud to be American.


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