Lunch at The Spark


Here is lunch at The Spark, the wonderful publication I edit.

I am still at the Soil Association two-days a week as contributing editor. Now I am editor of The Spark on two more days. My inner-Gemini loves having two jobs, especially as both have ethical, sustainable values.

Every week, we stock the small Spark office fridge with fresh provisions from Better Food, the organic supermarket. On my plate is:

Wise healers in Ancient Greece counselled eating from a wide range of food, the origin of mezze. Lunch at The Spark fulfils this criteria for nutritional variety.

It fulfils my appetite on other levels too. Free-thinking and alternative, it’s been part of my life since publisher, John Dawson, bought out the first issue in 1993. It’s now the biggest free ethical quarterly in the southwest.

An independent publication, The Spark is a precious thing. Instead of celebrity gossip and relentless doom, it offers inquisitive editorial and practical solutions. The Spark is optimistic. It embodies the idea that it’s better to shine a light than shout at the darkness.

If I want to shine that beam at myself, The Spark can steer me to self-knowledge. I feel I can be more useful and peaceful for acknowledging my demons. As Gandhi put it:

“Be the change you want to see in the world”

The Spark is brimming with creative ways to make a difference, both inner and outer. Whether looking for a therapist or a course on permaculture, it is THE place to advertise if you want to catch 99,000 like-minded people.

The spring 2009 Spark goes out today to indie food shops and local libraries from Glastonbury to Bristol and beyond Bath.  Join The Spark on Facebook and visit The Spark website (heading for its revamp).

Back to my lunch. We have an hour to eat and clear up. Civilised with time to digest. The conversation ranges wide and is, well, sparky.

How was your lunch?

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6 responses to “Lunch at The Spark

  1. Sharing food at The Spark is the best way to make the most of our precious lunch hour. A time to be surprised and pleased by the selection of cheeses, spreads, breads and salads and to check out foods we never get to try at home. Lightweight debate and pun wars and the occasional heart to heart exchange enhance the sense that we’re engaged in some Alice in Wonderland picnic in the office.
    Last year a Rabbi from London arrived, unannounced, saying that he’d heard about Spark meals and he would love to join us. Sadly there was no lunch held that day.


  2. sounds lovely


  3. Can I get a job at the Spark please?


  4. Just passing by. Btw, your website has great content!


  5. girlsgoneveggie

    Those wise healers of ancient greece sound a lot like the wise healers of today. Keep on shining the light, maybe we can find a way to see and hear what they are saying.


  6. Hey Spark!
    I’ve always loved your publication. Hope you don’t mind a little report from 6000 miles away.
    It snowed again in Flagstaff, AZ, USA, yesterday. …This is how it goes 1200 feet up from sea level in N Arizona. First there is a snow dump , maybe even for a few days. Then the snow melts into these lovely streams in the forest when the sun comes out.And…we here in Mountain Dell drink the snow melt water from our taps, that comes off the San Francisco Peaks, which is sacred to the Navajo and Hopi. No fluoride in our taps. We are not drinking city water. So drinking water is a direct connection to the sacred mountain. I am so city orientated that it has taken me 10 years to realize what an amazing sacred place i live in, and how blessed our little family is to live here. And, human refuse in our house goes into a
    septic tank, which filters out straight into the earth. So, we are eco too.
    Perhaps foodlover and Sparkreaders would like to read an article I wrote about our capitalist economy and Bernie Madoff, that was published on whatreallyhappened. com. The link is:
    Be sure to scroll down.
    Yá’át’ééh (means ‘greetings’ in Navajo language).


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