Brown rice is nice


I have ten minutes to write this blog starting from now (8.15pm).

Wow, it usually takes me two hours including uploading pics, checking links etc.

My first link goes to Haddock in the Kitchen for a novel use of my ten-minute rule

– why not use it to complete a blog?

Mike and I have  been eating brown rice with every meal since March 1st (I have been counting) and it is beautiful, truly a superfood.

Above, brown rice came with organic local greens, from Radford Mill Farm.

(and mushroom) served with a salad of grated organic carrots

with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Below, brown rice with fresh organic veg including steamed beetroot and parsnip.

To my right, a new addition to the blog: my first ad.

What do you think about ads on a blog?


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9 responses to “Brown rice is nice

  1. I so love brown rice! I cook it in the bottom oven of my
    Aga – the grains are HUGE when cooked – even better – saute an onion add equal quantities of brown rice and red lentils. Season add water bring to a gentle boil and SLOWLY simmer into a delicious mush – so perfect it can be eaten on it’s own. Make lots, or fights will break our over seconds Haddock in the Kitchen


  2. I love delicious mush! Brown rice and lentils is good one (soak both to release extra nutrients AND speed up cooking-time).

    The sauteed onion is masterly – I can’t wait to do that next time!


  3. Mustapha Ait Amnay Bouga

    Simply Mmm!


  4. Adverts on the blog, does this means we get paid for eating all this delicious food ? ;0)

    @aurelius1 what proportion of rice to water do you use when baking rice, and how long do you cook it for?


  5. I have come to love brown rice as well. It is a whole lot tastier than white rice and I think better for you. Thank you for the delicious hints to go with it. The ads are something new to me and I was thinking of allowing some on my site but was hesitant. Now maybe I will allow.
    Thank you for letting me visit. I love your site!

    Cindy Hernandez


  6. Blog ads are no problem as long as they’re relevant and not too obnoxious. So I still think you’re ok 😉


  7. It is always good to be reminded to eat brown rice. Ad on blog is totally fine – as it is optional and not in your face, so can choose whether to read it or not! And glad you are getting some money for all your excellent work educating us!


  8. Helen Aurelius-Haddock
    17 March at 22:27
    Yum too, but I take your point about the ad thing – it is an interesting polemic – I have a certain misgiving about the Foodbuzz thing in retrospect on my blog – but it depends if we (for that read the blogging community) envisage the blog/ virtual word
    ultimately taking an equal place with the paper/ published word/ magazine/newspaper/ whatever.I passionately believe it is the future – millions of bloggers can’t be wrong BUT, then one is faced with the odious inevitability of “funding” blogs………… it to be ads, just like good old rags, mags and all? Probably sounds like a pile of old tosh, but I think you will get my drift. By the way, in Bristol from 30 March – to 3rd April – perhaps we could meet for a coffee?


  9. My name is NOE.
    I am a brown rice lover!!


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