Michelle Obama gardens, Big Farm-a worries

The Mid America CropLife Association sent an email to Michelle Obama, perhaps nervous that growing food might put the “wrong” idea in people’s heads.

“As you go about planning and planting the White House garden, we respectfully encourage you to recognize the role conventional agriculture plays in the U.S.”

The full letter is here http://www.lavidalocavore.org/showDiary.do?diaryId=1309
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5 responses to “Michelle Obama gardens, Big Farm-a worries

  1. Only in America eh…oh dear what happened tothe land of the free? ……blimmey they take the biscuit don’t they……all about controlling the masses which I find totally scary…..specially as they use such underhand tactics to get their way….. don’t they just get on your pip…… Even the resource of your own back yard now that is so wrong! So would be their argument…very very wrong….statistics manipulated to suit etc….its utter kybosh that the use of pesticides prevents erosion…..erosion only happens on intesively farmed areas where the soil is so arificially maintained with organo phoshates and other pollutant type fertilizers…..properly managed soil with the use of real composted fertilizers and crop rotation actually doesn’t turn into dust…. aaaaaaargh I am spitting expleteives…don’t american’s think for themselves…..apply common sense and cause and effect stategies…… artificially pumping their food full of these chemicals and nuking the insects and fauna has huge effect on not only the soil but also on the wildlife and ecology of the whole country not to mention the toxic effect it has on the people who eat the stuff……blaaah stoopidity just makes my blood boil!


  2. And on that note here’s a note on the joys of real organically grown food…I am aromatically, visually, orally inspired with today’s crop.
    its almost applause….there are gasps of amazment …….the arrival of the fresh vegetables always causes great admiration from the customers as well as the staff……… and we had a beautiful picking up at the farm today……the leaves were really looking good and we gathered the most gorgeous bunches of herbs…. the rosemary was in flower and I just swooned when I smelt it… the oregano was equally heady….. and there was lemon balm, thyme, coriander parsley, mint and lovage …….I wrap them in proper cellophane (soil association recommended sustainable eco friendly stuff it is) and well they look proper posh ….We also always send along flowers for their tables too…. no slave labor used unless you count me! ….flowers grow amongst the raised beds and along the hedgerows and today we had some delightful pagoda red tulips with leaves that reminded me of a chameleons skin…..and an armful of daffs ….I added an artichoke leaf to the bouquet because I just couldn’t resist its sculptural exquisiteness……..? I really think I should have been an artist not a veg packer! Unfortunately I don’t look as fresh and tastefully arranged as the produce …… my muddy wellies and windblown hair are as authentic a land girl look as you could hope for…… sorry chaps for the trail of earth clods I left behind me 🙂
    Incidentally you may be interested to know that they are going to start a growers market in Bath soon….in the yard near Jamie Oliver’s new resteurant apparently……my favorite waiter told me about it today…….( no its not a crush he’s my favorite because he always helps me with the heavy baskets bless him)


  3. sorry to forgot to mention it was Demuth’s Vegetarian Resteurant in Bath that I was delivering to..


  4. Hi Lynne, I agree. As the organic pioneers noted in the 1920s and 30s: soil erosion is the result of intensive farming. Look what happened in the Dust Bowl of America in the 1930s…

    That’s why it is so imperative to farm organically. This is not a fad, folks! This is the only long-term solution to soil erosion! (let alone climate change and peak oil…)

    The description of your harvest sounds so beautiful. Who needs flown-in pesticide-drenched slave-labour flowers when you can have locally grown artichokes and aromatic herbs? Give me a wedding-bouquet made of cabbage any day! I am serious….

    Please DO keep us posted about that growers’ market in Bath…sounds fascinating!


  5. Not one to tittle-tattle, I was nonetheless intrigued that apparently news of the White House veg plot was circulated to members of Mid-America Crop Life Association thus:

    “Did you hear the news? The White House is planning to have an “organic” garden on the grounds to provide fresh fruits and vegetables for the Obama’s [sic] and their guests. While a garden is a great idea, the thought of it being organic made Janet Braun, CropLife Ambassador Coordinator and I shudder.”



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