Vegan nettle pesto and brown rice


Nettles came to the rescue today when the cupboard was bare.

Abundantly springing up on our path. Luckily we had Mike’s gloves.

We pinched off fresh tips and dropped them into a foraged plastic bag.

At home I planned to make pesto, having seen a recipe last week.

But vegan as I now eschew dairy for the sake of my delicate gut.

The following came under the force of my hand-held blender:

3 shallots fried in a tablespoon of olive oil

40z nettles drained after plunging in boiling water to de-sting

bit of cinnamon bark

handful of raw sunflower seeds

balsamic vinegar

olive oil

and salt.

I whizzed, obtaining a seriously delicious green sauce.

Served with brown rice (leftover from last night and stir-fried with shallots and ginger) and some freshly soaked and simmered-for-one-hour-till-soft haricots beans.

Ray Mears, author of Wild Food, says Bosnians sold nettles to eat during the war.

But don’t wait for disaster to discover their nutritious qualities.

This is the spirit of  Transition: prepare for climate change by leading a green life now.

Oh dear. I am such a dilettante. How can I transition without my electric blender?

Not to mention the balsamic vinegar

What would you miss/embrace in a low-carbon world?

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7 responses to “Vegan nettle pesto and brown rice

  1. nettles are the such a treat, and I love these recipe ideas – keep them coming!

    I would miss air travel in a low-carbon world (already do in a way, now that I think 10 times before flying anywhere…). Embrace my dream of taking child to school by horse!

    For now, the electric blender is a big help…


  2. We have a pestle and mortar which I must admit I rarely use. The sauce sounds amazing. Can’t wait to actually taste these delicacies!


  3. Thanks for the link – your version sounds terrific, and I’m going to try something along those lines … funny how so many of us can’t/don’t follow recipes 😉 We’ve been eating a lot of dandelions over the weekend, they grow abundantly in the garden, and they don’t taste of chlorine 🙂



  4. Wow! We’ve been eating quite a lot of nettles recently – mostly in soup or mixed in with brown rice – but your pesto sounds far better!


  5. That pesto sounds scrumptioous …..I wonder if the stingingness would go if you used them raw……pulverised nettles surely can’t still sting can they?… I brave enough to try after my salad experience though? maybe not! a stung tongue is not an experience I’d care to repeat!
    ………I love pesto on pasta it was an absolute craving when I was pregnant I ate tonnes of the stuff….. I was surprised that I didn’t turn out a green baby actually !…. but I did put on a lot of weight …. well ordinary pasta is so glutenous …. … I’ve been trying to avoid gluten more to see if it makes any difference to my energy levels than any alergy related or weight reasons lately too… (so the brown rice sounds a good alternative)….but I have discovered that tesco do a really nice chick pea and lentil pasta that is extremely tasty. Pulses being complex carbs are far more balanced in energy giving …its processed carbs that cause energy rushes and crashes apparently……….haven’t researched how brown rice is in comparison…..but I am sure you must’ve….
    Olive Oylled …erm and raring to go!


  6. Your comments are inspiring! What wild food dish can I concoct next? And, Joanna, how do you use dandelions? I feel a dandelion-fest coming on. Those bright yellow darlings won’t be safe with me…


  7. Hi, nice post. I have been wondering about this issue,so thanks for writing. I will certainly be coming back to your site.


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