Turnip tops and haricot beans

Cut-up turnip tops and into the pan they go

After a lively exchange on Facebook about how to cook turnip tops, I set to con brio.

I also consulted Jane Grigson‘s The Vegetable Book and, as always, she came up trumps with Broccoletti di rape. They eat turnip tops in Italia, you know, and appreciate their health-giving qualities.

Then I winklerfied all the information and this is what happened:

I started the whole process by frying onions because once I have done that – I am committed.

I washed the fresh turnip tops bought the day before at Bristol Farmers’ market from the wonderfully abundant organic Wrington Greens stall.

Leaves so young and fresh, I had no need to remove their stalks – just gathered them on a board and chopped them once or twice.

Then tipped them into the gently frying onions (see pic above) and stirred it all a bit.

But what to add? It’s amazing what is in the fridge. I found haricot beans, cooked at the weekend, perfectly edible and ready to go.

And of course the ubiquitous brown rice, cooked the night before.

Several grinds of black pepper, a smattering of nutmeg, a crunch or two of rock salt, a splatter of soya sauce, and about 5-10 minutes later, the dish was ready to eat.

Voilà , a plate of mean greens and beans…


4 responses to “Turnip tops and haricot beans

  1. Your greens & beans look wonderful! Can’t get enough of those greens!


  2. Guess what? I was in The Spark office today, editing away, when I found out Wrington Greens do well in our veg box round-up to be published in May. Shhhh! That is all I am saying.

    Meg, lovely to see you again.



  3. Hi, fab recipe, I live in Milan and we have a great organic supermarket that had great looking ‘Cima di Rapa’ today. I cooked it starting with a little oil in the bottom then steaming with some broth from the Rooster soup I was making. It’s the first time my kids have eaten this and they loved it too. I shall eat the leftovers with beans and rice tomorrow! Thanks, Samantha


    • Hi Samantha Thanks so much for your comment! Very happy for you (and Milan) that you have a fab organic supermarket – they are a lifeline, aren’t they? I am continually grateful to my organic stores. I DO like the sound of the way you cooked Cima di Rapa. Mnnn…am inspired. Thanks.


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