Bean salad fast food


I have to eat. Now. Quick and dirty.

So I grab a tin of organic haricots beans, a must-have cupboard staple.

I open it with the ring-pull and drain the health-sustaining beans in a sieve.

I put them in a bowl and snip whatever fresh things I can lay my hands on:

  • wild garlic flowers from a walk a week ago
  • chive flowers from my balcony pot
  • winter chard that kindly reappeared this spring when I thought it was a gonner

I added olive oil, balsamic vinegar and crunchy rock salt.

All of which sounds poncy but make all the difference to a dish so get over it.

What is your most cannot-live-without cupboard staple?

PS Inspired by Lynn who comments here and grows organic produce for vegetarian restaurant in Bath, the well-established Demuth’s, I ate lunch there on Friday. My thali with all its different tastes and textures including dhal and chickpeas cost £10.95 . I also liked my dining companion’s beetroot dish.


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7 responses to “Bean salad fast food

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  2. Oh wow… thats amazing……the food always looks and smells so good there…..I did the delivery at about 3 you weren’t there then were you?…..I love the reaction the delivery always gets…….even in the street it attracts admiration…….and when I struggle through the door at Demuths laden with leaves and flowers I turn heads ….yeah yeah….I know they are admiring the veg ….but hey I still get a buzz from being the person who’s carrying it……..and they don’t seem to mind my muddy welly fallout either…….What did you have to eat….did you have a pudding……the puddings look wickedly tempting ……. ok I admit it…. I am a pudding slut……I know sugar is a demon………but it makes me feel so good……..sweet desire eh……but if I’ve eaten a healthy salad first……..oooooh I am so pleased you went there…. and you’ve eaten what I picked……brill….
    theres more than just a virtual connection with us now eh…….


  3. that leaf on the top of your food is one of mine and probably everything green


  4. Looks mouthwatering. This country has so much to learn about ‘real’ fast food. The dish you have just described is quicker to prepare than any microwave meal, much cheaper, and packed with nutrients. Europeans eat salads like that all the time, but many Brits seem to have lost the ability to throw together sumptuous foods from cheap cupboard staples! Love it


  5. realfoodlover

    Ooooh I love the fact that the person who grew the food I ate is actually commenting here.

    Ooooh I have that tingly we-are-all-connected feeling. Thanks, Lynne, organic grower extraordinaire.

    And thanks Emily. I agree. I was dead impressed by Spanish covered food markets which sold mounds of freshly-cooked beans of all varieties.

    We could do that here in Blighty!

    But people would have to unlearn the propaganda: beans means/sugary tomato sauce/Big Phood…etc


  6. Why thank you Elizabeth…..its nice to know the produce is appreciated…an audience is one thing but getting it in to a food gurus stomach… well that is an accolade worth noting……and a connection indeed…… do you think that veg absorb happy vibes via osmosis ? ….. cos I was particularly sparky on friday whilst plucking the mustard greens and corriander …..:-)
    …..Hum maybe I just enjoy being a gatherer of garden produce:=)
    Our beans aren’t ready yet but I still have some from last year……….. yes beans in every colour……long beans are really good preserved in brine……….keiller jars are perfect for such a technique….they keep for ages in the fridge after they have been opened and you can do it with all sorts of legumes/ runners/ harricots/ french purple and yellow ones………the yellow ones are very tender …..take out a few of them when required and throw them in a salad and then refrigerate the remainder in the jar for up to a couple of weeks … add a few chicory leaves or endive, lambs lettuce or corn salad and a garlic infused french dressing and there it is ….bish bash bosh ……they make an impressive bistro type salad in a fraction of the time it takes to do a limp wet english salad….. and the residue saltiness of the beans brings out the flavour of your other ingredients ……..delicious with peppery smoked mackerel and boiled eggs!


  7. Hi, nice post. I have been wondering about this issue,so thanks for blogging. I’ll probably be coming back to your blog. Keep up the good work


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