Winning summer snack

Summer snack

Lunch today: houmous, kidney beans and fresh alfafa bean sprouts, with olive oil + balsamic dressing.

In March I entered my food blog in the Guild of Food Writers‘ awards for New Media.

I prayed to be shortlisted.

I did not pray to win. I feared I’d get punished for being greedy.

(Talk about negative thought patterns!).

Anyway, last week, in the midst of goodbyes to salaried work – guess what? I hear some incredibly timely news: my blog has been shortlisted. Joy!

The awards take place on June 25 this year. Here is my report from last year’s awards.

I remember gazing at last year’s winners and wishing to be one.

O naked ambition!

There are only three of us shortlisted.

Helen Yuet Ling Pang of World Foodie Guide

Tim Hayward of the Guardian and Observer Food Monthly‘s Word of Mouth and myself.

I feel a bit self-conscious – like maybe I should make more effort?  But you know me

– I just want healthy fast food without fuss.

Like today’s lunch.

How much did it cost?  £1.70 for 200g of homemade organic houmous from Better Food Company, about 60p for the tin of non-organic beans and approx £1.40 for a packet of organic alfafa sprouts from Scoopaway – and plenty for several servings.

I must do bean sprouts justice in a future blog because they really are a wonderfood. And cheap and easy to sprout yourself.

I did do posh last Wednesday: a £30 six course taster menu at Casamia for a special birthday treat. I was too busy eating to pronounce but I can say the salmon poached in olive oil with Jerusalem artichoke puree (see pic below) got rated “better than the Fat Duck” by those (not me) who had dined there.

I have just reviewed my few past posts and noticed quite a few BEAN recipes. What can I say? Nothing beats them for health and budget. In fact I feel another one coming on…

Casamia salmon poached in olive oil with Jerusalem artichoke puree

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11 responses to “Winning summer snack

  1. Congratulation Elizabeth.

    I have just joined the GFW, so hopefully will see you at an event some time.


  2. World Foodie Guide, is that the site I highlighted on Foodbuzz? Tim Hayward, does he have a personal blog??
    I have read him in print, but when I looked him up on the old Internet, I couldn’t find him – or is is based on the Guardian site?
    OOOH! Getting exciting now, pressure’s on – Will Real Food Lover win?
    I hope so.


  3. Thanks for mentioning me, and I’m looking forward to meeting you at the awards too!


  4. I’ve got my fingers crossed for you! We need real food to get better recognition!


  5. Real Food Lover must win! Who do I lobby? Am very impressed by the company you keep, ie the other nominees.


  6. realfoodlover

    Helen, try my link to Tim Hayward – that should take you to his page. He is one of several bloggers on the Word of Mouth blog. Thanks for all the encouragement. Whatever happens, the build-up will be fun and a bit of drama!

    Phils, you can’t lobby, I am afraid! It is decided by a panel of judges. As Sarah Beattie said, a panel of peers, fellow food writers – prestigious! Do you want a ticket to the Awards on 25 June? They are £45.00 each. Let’s talk!


  7. Yes, I think I might like to go to the Awards. Can we decide when I get to your country?


  8. Congratulations on your nomination Elisabeth. How exciting! You may remember, we were on the GFW committee for a bit and I’ve just started my own blog, too. So much fun. I can’t be at the awards this year as I’ll be in France, but I’ve got my fingers crossed for you too. Your blog’s lovely.



  9. realfoodlover

    James, congratulations on your award-winning and helpful how-to-cook cookbook, mix., and for joining the Guild of Food Writers – ‘see’ you on the GFW e-forum.

    Phils, it’s fine to play it by ear although no guarantee about tickets. Mum coming so am supported.

    Jenny – I am a fan of your blog (see my blogroll) – keep up your excellent work.

    Debora, I do remember indeed-y, especially the Ashlyns organic farm visit. I like your blog – beautifully written.

    Helen. Thanks again for finding out about tickets and, yes, see you soon! x


  10. I am SO proud of you. You should win. You get my vote honey.


  11. This is really a well laid out website. I love how your posts tie in with the food and drink theme so well. You seem to really love your site. I myself love to read up on recipes along side helping others in health. Keep up the great work here and please visit by my blog sometime. The url is


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