Six salad party food

Plate of party food

Party food chez Winkler. I was too excited to eat, so took small portions. This one went down a treat despite hostess-nerves: the wild rice salad with oven-roasted morsels of beetroot, pumpkin and carrots, and crunchy oven-roasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds. My off-the-cuff invention, it’s made the grade for next time.

The six vegetarian salads (see unposed picture above) were easy-on-the-purse and high-on-health:

1. Wild rice salad with pumpkin, beetroot and carrot – followed clockwise in the picture by…

2. Ingrid Rose’s hummus (using her 5 x amounts hummus recipe) – her birthday present to me!

3. Butter bean, mushroom and coriander salad with lemon juice

– a perennial winner thanks to Rose Elliot’s The Bean Book

4. Red split lentils with chilli. Simple dhal – light with bite.

5. Organic wholemilk yogurt with diced cucumber, black pepper and mint

6. Classic potato salad – boil halved-and-quartered (if possible NEW) potatoes until soft enough to fall from a a sharp knife when speared.

The party was on Saturday. I aimed to be prepared and avoid last-minute superstress.

Most of the shopping was done midweek.

Thursday I emptied the packet of butter beans (500g) into a large pan and covered the hard ones with water. Overnight they swelled. Some say throw away the rinsing water to reduce farting – what do you think?

Friday I cooked the swelled-up beans in enough water to cover them and boiled them for 1 HOUR, then drained. I defrosted the frozen wild rice I had cooked earlier that week (with chilli). Texture mushy but taste good.

The drained butter beans mingle eventually – with onions fried in olive oil plus 5 teaspoons of cumin sizzling for seconds. Into the spicy mix go sliced mushrooms, lots of them. You may need to add more olive oil to prevent sticking. Once the mushrooms are cooked but not soggy, then you add the drained butter beans.

I  roasted the root vegetables a day-ahead too

– seasonal local beetroots and carrots and (imported) pumpkin roasted for only 20 minutes because they were cut-up so small, and the seeds – they take minutes.

Saturday Boiled potatoes for potato salad and slouched them with olive oil, rock salt and garlic while still warm.

Peeled and diced 3 English cucumbers + mint + 3 large pots of organic yogurt, emptied into a bowl.

Assembled the wild rice salad and cooked roasted root veg and seeds.

Assembled the butter beans + mushrooms + cumin with lemon juice and fresh local organic coriander.

Wow. This was the first time I have been so prepared.

I had even sorted out the serving dishes in advance.

All the more time to party.

Me and my birthday cake Me and Richie

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8 responses to “Six salad party food

  1. Doctorate Upholder

    This is pretty comprehensive.


  2. Pingback: Six salad party food

  3. Now I wish I could claim to have dressed the salads…… but I didn’t I dressed the hostess….. and believe me she looked very tasty too …. tossed in a very lovely black chiffon silk shoulder-less affair that showed off her beautiful milky skin (see that’s healthy eating for you!)……it fitted so perfectly it must have been meant for her ….. it was the perfect dress to compliment a delectable soiree ……( and just like the food it was such a bargain ..erm but didn’t require soaking or basting)… just a minor alteration really…the broken zip I had replaced with some crafty bordello type black laces which made it look very expensive and designer (eat your salad hearts Donnatella!) ……..cheer for a great party Elizabeth…….both the food and yourself were a knockout! …..:-)


  4. Elisabeth is also proud to announce that her Green is the new ‘Black’! As in eco-green….Well
    I forgot to mention that the aforementioned dress was from my local charity shop ‘Save the Children’ in Bath to be precise and was an absolute snip at £3.00….. due to its broken zip….I get oh soooo excited when I find a bargain…..and this was the bargain of all bargains…….especially as its original price would have been more like £300……… looking a million dollars doesn’t have to cost it eh…….


  5. I would never have worn such a film star dress but Lynne forced me. She had brought it along so she could change into it at the pardee. At 9pm I was still undecided what to wear. When Lynne insisted the glamour-dress had my name on it, I succumbed and tried it on. I usually do covered-up. But what clinched it was my teenage niece and her gal pals giving it the thumbs-up.

    I swear that dress helped zing up party-energy by several notches.

    Being recycled eco-chic from a charity shop adds to the garment’s value. Thank you, Lynne.


  6. great and healthy salads


  7. These salads look absolutely wonderful! Healthy & easy on the purse are important. Thanks!


  8. I can testify to the total deliciousness of the salads. I arrived early and decided to have a little nibble and ended up heaping my plate!Yum! And the hostess was radiant (an advertisement, perhaps for menu pre-planning, but I’m convinced it is due more to her natural and enduring gorgeousness)!


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