Better health at Better Food

Better health campaign launch

The vegetables in the picture were organically grown by my local supermarket in a field at Chew Magna, seven miles outside Bristol.

They were on display on a table in the Better Food company‘s shop for its launch last Thursday of a three-month education campaign for Better Health.

Health begins with healthy soil as we organicists know. Phil Haughton, owner and grower put it well: “Without soil we don’t exist and good soil produces abundance like this.”

Then he introduced the two speakers, nutritionist Jamie Richards, who is the shop’s health supplement guru, and Alex Kirchin from Viridian, the ethical vitamins company with a Soil Association organic range.

I tool copious notes. Jamie’s campaign aims to offer ideas for lifestyle changes that are cheap, simple, safe, effective – and proven.

The smallest changes often make the biggest difference.

Here are some of my favourites from Jamie:

  • Make sure at least half your plateful is non-starchy veg (i.e. not potatoes)
  • All carbs to be complex such as brown rice
  • Eat oily foods such as nuts, seeds, fish
  • And breathe.

Alex Kirchin reminded us to take care of ourselves and used the analogy of putting on the oxygen mask in a plane before helping anyone else.

My favourite Viridian tip concerned Vitamin C.

When animals are stressed they manufacture extra Vitamin C.

However we are one of the few species who do not make Vitamin C at all.

That’s why we have to eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables.

I have a guilty secret: I don’t think I get enough immune-boosting Vitamin C in my diet.

So at the first hint of swollen glands, I take 1,000mg a day and have seen off many a cold or sore throat. In fact I believe Vitamin C could more useful than Tamiflu in beating swine flu.

Anyone else with a secret supplement habit?

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4 responses to “Better health at Better Food

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  2. my secret (or not so secret) supplement habit is both colostrum and vitamin D to ward off that flu – colostrum has been shown to be up to 3 times more effective than vaccination in a 2007 study.
    Better health continues at Better Food with new suggestions in 10 days


  3. realfoodlover

    Colostrum? I only know about colostrum in connection with a baby’s first (perfect-for-newborn) food before the breast milk comes in.

    Does this colostrum comes from cows, and where do you get it? I have never even noticed it for sale…intriguing.


  4. they are bovine source, not widely recognised in the uk but available none the less. Full of immunoglogulins and antimicrobial factors. Safe in children and also shown to reduce the duration of infection as well as prevention. Safe to use and no side effects. Don’t forget the vitamin D though


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