Kitchen fairy at Lost Horizons

backstage at Lost Horizons with yogurt

I went to Buddhafield festival and became a kitchen fairy.

I was sitting in a Bedouin tent, as one does, listening to Martha Tilston on stage at Lost Horizons, the legendary travelling café and wood-burning (mostly naked) sauna.

I heard a cry above the music:

“Can someone stir the milk? In exchange for a chai.

Can someone stir the milk?”

“I can stir the milk,” I said.

In the field kitchen, backstage at Lost Horizons, a wooden spoon in hand, I stirred a cauldron of milk coming to the boil.

A dramatic creature with blonde curls, tight trousers and a rocker’s face appeared.

“Turn it off when it comes to the boil. Do you know when it’s cool enough to add the yogurt?” he asked.

“You say Hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare,” he said at such speed and with such authentic inflections that I did not recognise it.

He turned out to be the legendary and talented artiste, Prana, from the Bindoo Babas.

But I got the gist, and the yogurt got made ready to set

albeit with Nyam myo renge kyo a chant I do remember.

I also did loads of washing up.

The combination of working outdoors as the rain bounced off the canvas and being part of a crew gave me unusual washing-up energy.

My reward was a bowl of spicy hearty aduki bean soup with mostly organic ingredients cooked by Richard, the chef.

Richard, Lost Horizons kitchen chef

“Aduki and mung beans are the only ones that don’t need soaking,” he said.

I noticed a chalkboard sign calling for kitchen fairies.

I arranged to come back the next day.

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11 responses to “Kitchen fairy at Lost Horizons

  1. ‘Kitchen Fairy’ — new organic cleaning range?

    Keep on bloggin’


  2. Hey we need a kitchen fairy in our house, I would even let you work out in the rain on the balcony if you want ;o)


  3. What fun! That’s interesting about adzuki and mung beans, I’d never read that before. Now I have to look into it more!


  4. realfoodlover

    Jim, I think you are on to something – Kitchen Fairies eco-cleaning products…

    Ha ha, Mike…It is true I am not normally known for my assiduous washing-up. Mind you, I got replaced the followed day by the Washing-up Angel who had the most terrific system and soon had mounds of crockery, pans etc under control.

    Jenny – I too was intrigued by not having to soak aduki and mung beans. I am going to have to try it. Your buckwheat porridge sounds amazing – I am just about to eat a bowlful (but I did not soak the buckwheat – see my comment on your blog). Will report back…


  5. you gave a flavour of the flexible boundary between punter and host which I believe gives Lost Horizon its fantastic flavour. Nice!


  6. Hi elisabeth it was a great pleasure to have you helping us out.

    It is always nice to have Martha Tilston and carrie tree play whilst chilling.

    Without people like you our space would not be the same.

    Many thanks angel.
    Hope to see you next year or possibly at coed hills for the winter solstice.



  7. hey this is wonderful it was fab having you help us we were in dire need of some clear headed help that day and i really didnt know how to stir the milk haha.
    i have made a website and puit this page as a link
    much love.


  8. Jamie, so glad you found this and thanks for the link to the Lost Horizons website.

    Great to get that specific feedback. “Clear headed help.” I like that. Thank you.


  9. ahh its all good yea sorry for lumping that onto you, i had to go and hold the whole awning down i was the only person who realised at the time that it was very dangerous haha.
    hope your well


  10. I was a Lost Horizons kitchen fairy at Secret Garden Party last year. What fun! I still can’t quite believe I found myself at a sink doing the washing up with nothing on! Everybody was so nice and friendly, it really made the festival for me.


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