Make more of vegetables


Two books I have co-authored launch this Saturday at The Udder Farm Shop.

Make More of Squash and Make More of Beans and Peas are the first two in a new series, Make More of Vegetables, published by Hothivebooks.

Fresh vegetables are the basis of real food, bringing vitality, health and taste.

Vegetables are good for us so how can we make more of them?

These two books will show you how.

First, the recipes cook the veg from scratch.

Queen of Italian cookery writer, (Nigella’s mentor) Anna del Conte, says of the recipes by local food enthusiast and recipe creator, Patricia Harbottle:

“The recipes in these books are a joy to read and an even bigger joy to eat.

I was particularly captivated by the section of one-pot dishes, which I love to cook –  the end result is delicious in its balance of flavours and perfect in its balance of nutrients.

Pat is a cook after my own heart!”

As well as cooking from scratch, the books show you how to grow from seed.

Correct me if I am wrong but few gardening books are aimed at the inadequate gardener, such as yours truly.

So when I teamed up with organic horticulturalist, Peter Chadwick, I made sure I asked all the right questions. Example: “What is a ‘module’?”

Peter answered ever-so-patiently, even my inner child could understand.

So if you work with children or have never grown a bean or squash from seed – try these books.

If you want to enjoy eating more veg – read these books.

In fact – I have a few to give away in return for a review (i.e. like this one on Amazon.).

Interested? Leave a comment and I will contact you.

Alternatively buy the books and get 20% off per book – quote the code MMV20 when ordering.

Love and vegetable blessings, Elisabeth

PS I cooked Squash Mousse for pudding and it was delicious.

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41 responses to “Make more of vegetables

  1. If you want a review copy, just leave a comment – I can email you (and would never publish your email). Just so you know!


  2. I would love to review a copy! I have been looking for more ways to incorporate beans into my diet so this would be a great opportunity.


  3. I loved these 2 books. bright, colourful, and interesting yet achievable recipes for these much neglected foods. They made good reading as well.

    Delia darling – look and learn!


  4. Hi Lisa, thanks for such immediate feedback – encouraging. The recipes are for fresh beans – is that OK? Elisabeth


  5. Thank you, Geraldine! I love the idea that the books might out-Delia Delia…if one may be so bold to dream…


  6. I’m impressed! Looks like you’ve hit on a vein along the lines of cooking organic for dummies.
    How much are the books selling for?


  7. Well done and congratulations
    the more good veggies eaten in the the happier the world will be
    and good recipes are always a help
    Warmest wishes
    Ruth (Joseph)


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  10. They both look great Elizabeth – congratulations. I’d love either or both of these to review. Our squashes were completely rubbish this year, so any tips on how to do better would be great. Also usually inundated with runner beans so any extra ideas for eating these more than welcome.

    Was it just a review on Amazon you are looking for?


  11. Hi Choclette – a review on Amazon or your blog or wherever you suggest would be grand!

    And Ruth, thanks for your warm wishes – great to ‘meet’ you and visit your website.

    Yo Phil – thanks for comment! The books sell for £8.99…


  12. They look great, I’d love either or both to review. Well done.


  13. I can confirm that the squash mousse is a winner. I had the honour of trying the actual acclaimed dish mentioned above and it was delicious and novel, definitely a ‘wow!’ pudding for impressing guests


  14. Hi Alison, I have emailed you and also left a comment on your website – look forward to winging the books your way.

    Thanks, Leila. It’s not every day I push the boat out so glad you got to experience a bit of one-off luxury wowness. One for Christmas?


  15. Hi Elisabeth – it’s probably just me, but can’t find an e-mail address for you. Assuming I will need to e-mail you my snail mail address?


  16. Such brilliant news! Squash mouse… Christmas presents ahoy! Really big congratulations.


  17. Hi Choclette, I left my email on your latest post, Chilli chocolate cup cakes – love use of chilli and wholemeal flour all in one innocent cupcake!


  18. Hi Elisabeth

    Very exciting to come home this evening and find a parcel on the floor – a copy of your Beans & Peas. Dove into it straight away. How fantastic! Love the idea of having a book specialising in one family of vegetables. Great recipes, alas too late to use for this year’s crops, will have to wait for next year’s. Will write a review soon. Will also have to go and buy a copy of the Squash book.


  19. Hi Choclette – how lovely to get your enthusiastic response! Hope you enjoy it and look forward to seeing the review.
    Love and vegetable-blessings, Elisabeth


  20. The books are beautiful, informative and encouraging – well done you!


  21. I really like your books – informative and useful and beautiful. Well done


  22. sorry for the double – now triple – comment. I am experiencing a few key board glitches…x


  23. Hi Roz, I rather like having a triple version of your response to the books…Thank you!


  24. Hi Elisabeth

    My review is now on Amazon – I do think this is a great book.

    I’ve also posted the promised piece about flour on my blog.


  25. Hi Choclette

    Thank you so much for your review – helpful, practical and informative.

    It was great seeing the book through your eyes.


  26. Hello,

    I would love to review your books on the blog I write about school dinners and children’s food issues. However it is a very modest affair and unlikely to be read by masses!

    I am a bit embarrassed to admit I only began cooking squashes a few years ago when I started a veg box scheme so inspiration would be welcome.

    Oh wow! – just scrolled down the side and see you have listed me

    Best wishes,


  27. You bet! Am a fan of your work bringing healthy food to schools. I heard you talk from the floor at the Real Food Festival and thought: “Right on, sista!”.

    I have left a comment on your blog. Elisabeth x


  28. I run a vegetarian food blog and would be very interested in doing a review.


  29. I’d be more than happy to review.

    I hope it’s got a recipe for Custard squash – I’ve got one and I’ve no idea what to do with it!


  30. Saw your post on the UKFBA forum, so came over to check out more.

    I would love to a chance to review your books. With squashes I always end up doing one of three things:

    1. Making a soup like this
    2. Making a risotto
    3. Roasting as a side dish

    I’d love some new inspiration.


  31. Hi Mark

    That’s terrific – I have sent you an email and hope to hotfoot those books in your direction.

    I will be interested to hear which recipes you decide to add to your squash repertoire.



  32. Hello Elisabeth. I saw your post on the UKFBA website. Are you still looking for reviewers? Your books sound interesting and I’d be pleased to review them. I love cookbooks and veg–my two favourite things!


  33. Yes, definitely! I have left my email address on your blog – and admired your persimmon cookies. What a great idea. I have never cooked with persimmon before…

    Makes me think you will like the book’s recipe for squash mousse!


  34. Hi Elisabeth

    Congratulations on what look like two fabulous books! If it’s not too late I’d love to review them for you on my blog and on Amazon 🙂

    All best,


  35. Hi Claire – not too late at all. I will email you my details.

    And thanks, Weekend Carnivore – the Make More of Vegetables books should fit the bill.

    I am contacted the publisher to hotfoot those books in your direction!


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  38. Hi Elisabeth,
    I run a vegetarian cooking blog, and would like to review your books, if I’m not too late. I’ve done a couple of book reviews before and really enjoyed doing it.



    • Lynn, that is delightful. I will ask the publishers to send you review copies. Can you email me a contact address at elisabeth.winklerAT (I have written my email address like that to fox the spammers!).


  39. Hi, great looking site. If you are still looking for reviewers I would love to offer my services. I love growing my own veg and cooking it, and have started a food website & blog dedicated to cooking and growing your own, we also review books, restaurants etc. The site has only just started so Im still adding content but would live to help.
    All the best


    • Hi Andy – delighted to get your offer to review my books. Do send me an email with a contact address and I will ask the publishers to send you review copies asap! Thanks for compliment too! Email me at: elisabeth.winklerAt (written like this to confound the robot spammers…)


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