Beetroot soup and a good deed gone wrong

Last night’s cut raw organic beetroot.

Its insides look so mysterious.

I was making beetroot soup (again). Simplifying it.

Cut up two large peeled/scrubbed organic beetroot and place in a large pan with two peeled onions, sliced. Cover with water and bring to the boil, then simmer with a lid for 30 minutes.

I blend with an electric hand blender, my favourite kitchen power tool.

Mine was £20 second-hand, or try Freecycle for a free one, or Just for the love of it for swops.

While blending the beets (bought from Better Food), I travelled back in time:

– to fifteen years ago, and I was trying to be helpful in someone else’s kitchen.

I was in charge of the chocolate mousse.

I poured it into the mixer and pressed the button to mix.

Mayem. Chocolate mousse on every kitchen surface in spattering distance.

I had forgotten to out the lid on the mixer.

So now I practice conscious blending.

Schadenfreude means the pleasure you get from someone’s else’s pain.

I wonder if there is a word to describe the ouch you feel when you end up

causing even more ouch to the very person you are trying to help?

Served with home-grown parsley, plant from St Werburgh’s City Farm, and Yeo Valley organic cheddar shavings.

4 responses to “Beetroot soup and a good deed gone wrong

  1. Awesome article… Very informative too.
    Thanks, Anastasia Marilyn MacDonald


  2. Becca Lamont Jiggens

    Yum – that might answer the ‘what’s for dinner tonight?’ question, but I will probably drizzle with chilli sherry vinegar (my new favourite condiment) … and serve with frozen vodka, of course – perhaps not for the wee ‘uns though 🙂

    Frozen Vodka – just chuck a bottle of voda in the freezer – it doesn’t actually freeze solid as the freezing point of booze is lower than most freezers will go and so is still liquid for the all important pouring-and-drinking bit

    Chilli Sherry Vinegar – whack a few chillies and pink peppercorns in a bottle of sherry vinegar pop in a warm place for a few days (love my aga) and hey presto – posh, cheap food, my favourite!
    In my new found love of sherry vinegar, I have discovered a splash in gravy works a treat too. Handy, given that we’re in comfort food season now.

    A great homemade chrimbo gift for the chilli-lovers in your life: get small pretty bottles (vintage / charity / antique shops often have gorgeous ones cheaply) and make a variety of chilli vinegars, booze & oils. Lets hope my father’s not reading this blog, eh?



  3. Wow Becca, thank you! Super creative and most tempting. LOVE the sound of chilli and sherry vinegar plus pink peppercorns. As for the vodka….can’t wait to try that one. Schlurp.

    By the way, did you know that if you have a delicate digestion, vodka is the best alcohol you could possibly drink? And, for people with low blood sugar: apple juice and vodka…(thank you, Claire, for that one).


  4. I’ve never heard of this soup before. Going to try out next weekend



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