Butternut squash and spinach lasagne

Snowed-in.  Good excuse to make Butternut and spinach lasagne.

Christmas has had me confused: am I vegan or carnivore?  This light vegetably vegetarian dish is a compromise.

And..it does NOT require a white sauce!

As I had been planning to make the dish for a week, I had the main ingredients:

In my pic, lined up for their photoshoot, from left to right:

1 organic butternut squash, 1 packet of frozen organic spinach, 1 organic milk and 3 sheets of lasagne pasta. You need mozzarella for topping.

I got the recipe from a free promotional recipe booklet from Olive Magazine two years ago (when I had advised Hardeep Singh Kholi on going organic).

Here is the beautiful butternut squash cut in half.

I used the whole squash for the recipe and produced just over the 500g required.

I cut the squash into manageable pieces with a small sharp knife, peeled the skin using a potato peeler and scooped out the seeds.

Love the way the butternut squash is so orange.

You fry 1 onion in a large frying pan then add the 500g cut-up squash. I cut-them up smaller when I realised they had to fry.

The recipe said fry until tender and slightly brown round edges but I put the lid on – answered a few emails – and in 15 minutes it had gone very soft indeed, but not brown.

Then add 100 mls of milk (or plant milk, vegan-me).

The BEST things about this recipe are:

  • no need for a white sauce
  • 500g of squash and 150g of (frozen) spinach makes it LIGHT and vegetably.

So you cook the 3 lasagne sheets in boiling water for 3 minutes then drain.

Then layer: one sheet of pasta, followed by half of the cooked squash and half the warmed spinach.

Another sheet of lasagne pasta, then rest of squash and spinach.

Finish with the third lasagne sheet and tear a 125g ball of mozzarella over it.

(I used Buffalo Mozzarella from Laverstoke Farm, the organic farm ‘university’ owned and run by ex-racing car driver, Jody Scheckter. 20% off in Better Food organic supermarket just before New Year).

Put the dish under a heated grill until it bubbles and browns.

I photographed it against the snow.

No food-stylist, I! Look at the food splashes…not very stylish.

But definitely delicious.

For more squash recipes, including recipes for carnivores and vegetarians, nutritional information and how to grow squash from seed, see the book I co-authored, Make More of Squash. Aad on the right of this post offers 20% discount…

Interested in reviewing a copy? Email me at elisabeth.winkler   AT yahoo.co.uk

8 responses to “Butternut squash and spinach lasagne

  1. That’s a great recipe for a quick and simple lasagne – I like it. Still feeling sore over not getting any squashes worth having this year though. Like the wintery snow – maybe we’ll get a better summer too.


    • I am impressed you grew squash. But I know what you mean about being disappointed. I can manage a few things but I would not like to depend on my growing skills (in their infancy). In fact there is nothing like growing food to make me deeply appreciate all the organic farmers and growers out there!


  2. Thank you so much for the delicious recipes
    delighted to find a lasagne that is light and delicious and not weighed down with bechamel or too much pasta
    Cannot wait to try it
    Please keep the organic healthy recipes coming xx


  3. also do you have a list of organic suppliers that are reasonably priced – for those of us who live in the metropolis
    It would be so helpful
    it is too easy for me just to lazy and go to the nearest chain supermarket
    Thank you


  4. Thanks for that interesting question. I have a question. I am not saying it is the answer but here it is:

    Would you consider an organic veg box delivery?

    You can specify your likes and dislikes, include other items such as dairy and meat, and it’s all delivered to your door. And reasonably-priced.

    Then you could always top up from the supermarket.

    How does that sound? I am interested in your response…And will ponder further.


  5. hey Elizabeth,
    this is eve from Cloak and Dinner – this is a great blog – could we link it on our blog? also check out my personal blog at http://www.foodwineloveandrevolution.wordpress.com
    kind regards,



  6. Hi Eve – you bet! Please link away.

    I am going to add links to Cloak and Dinner and your blog too.

    Many thanks, Elisabeth


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