Bristol’s rebel restaurant

Here I am posing outside the premises for tonight’s rebel restaurant.

Here’s what the Guardian thought after dining there on Wednesday.

The anarchist collective has squatted this fine historic building (shocking it lies normally empty, eh?) and, working for free, has turned it into a mysterious restaurant.

The idea is to create an autonomous space – free space unmediated by landlords or employers.

It’s also about eating locally and seasonally – for donations of what you can afford.

Too late to dine, I am afraid – the 50 covers for each of the four nights of the restaurant’s ephemeral existence were booked a week ago, as soon as word got out.

The tables are laid, Cloak and Dinner‘s chefs and waiting staff with maitre d’ are at the ready.

I am crewing tonight for the chef and her team.

To report back!

6 responses to “Bristol’s rebel restaurant

  1. I can’t wait to hear all about it! What a great idea.


  2. Thank you, Paul! Yes, it IS a good idea, eh?!
    Intriguing and inventive…looking forward…


  3. I love that picture of you Elisabeth! I can’t wait to hear all about it. Just reading this much was the perfect antidote to the imbecillic press release I received last week from some hapless PR proclaiming the very latest thing is dining – hotel supper clubs. Erm, I thought they were called restaurants? The very opposite of underground attempting to cash in on the trend for democratising eating out.


  4. It has been extremely helpful,The information provided by you is very good,
    is very excellent.Keep going Thank you.



  5. I hardly got the booking of Bristol’s rebel restaurant on last week end. I was nice experience to a dinner at a resturant where every dish was delecious.


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