Stop Tesco banner in peaceful protest

Note  Tesco’s blue hoardings, put up on Saturday, and – I might add – taking up a large part of the pavement. Cheek!

So very grateful for the handpainted banner now draped on the building (see pic above) proclaiming: “Stop Tesco! Every little hurts”.

Here is my report on Monday’s meeting in Stokes Croft, Bristol, where we heard about Tesco’s plan to build a soulless supermarket on premises which used to be a comedy club – Tesco’s, you must be joking!

It is believed the premises are occupied by some brave individuals concerned about this supermarket takeover.

Good for them, I say.

Supermarket food is not cheap because the cost to our health is so high.

What would you prefer in the place of a purveyor of industrial food?

All creative and positive ideas welcome.

5 responses to “Stop Tesco banner in peaceful protest

  1. The Council gave Tesco permission to put hoardings and barriers on the pavement


  2. Video of Monday meeting on shock-news of Tesco’s plan to open a supermarket in Stokes Croft, Bristol


  3. Can’t wait for a Tesco on Cheltenham Road. About bloody time. All you could get there for years was cheep cider, crack and herion.


  4. Yes, Cheltenham Road has had all those things I am sure just like a lot of places in the UK

    Cheltenham Road has also had a lot of work and community effort poured into it.

    Like Canteen, Hamilton House studios and offices, PRSC art gallery and Jamaica Street Studios – all thriving projects founded from the grassroots up.

    Behind the proposed Tesco on Picton Street, there are local food shops that have been there for years.

    And the family-run Post Office on Cheltenham Road.

    Not quite as bleak as you paint it.

    But thanks for your comment anyway.


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