Vardo, Venice

I walk the boardwalk from Santa Monica to Venice.

The sky is overcast (yummy, just like home in England). The locals call it June gloom.

I am hungry but nothing takes my fancy.

It looks touristy and, well, not real food.

I can’t get this restaurant out of my head that I had passed earlier.

The sign had said: ethnic, vegan, vegetarian…

I don’t like retracing my steps, or leaving the ocean.

But I am glad I did.

It is rare to find somewhere where I want to eat every dish on the menu.

This is the place for me.

An oasis. Delicate flavours, vegan and vegetarian delights, raw food desserts and all ingredients organic.

I had the aromatic gently spicy dhal and spinach curries and salad, beautifully dressed with homemade vinaigrette.

followed by this sweetheart of raw chocolate with fresh mint and coconut filling.

Vardo means gypsy in Roma.

And suited this gypsy queen down to the ground.

4 responses to “Vardo, Venice

  1. Catharine Stott

    Sounds delish!


  2. Yum, and how refreshing having just read your last post. You definitely do know too much! A bit of an eye opener for me but then Vegas has never appealed – it’s not just the food that is GM.


  3. Always best to follow your intuition especially if it takes you back to somewhere this inspiring.

    The meal sounds delicious bot the chocolate is to die for!


  4. I think you should be an organic food/travel correspondent!


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