Tibetan soup at Buddhafield 2011

Buddhafield has all the wildness of a festival – live music, dance tent, cafes, workshops, healing area, fires, plunge pool, sauna; but without intoxicants.

There was so much on offer: every hour 10 simultaneous workshops and/or live gigs  to choose from.

Abundance was the festival’s theme. At first I moaned, stressed by having to choose, and being catapulted outside my comfort zone, cut off from home and the internet.

I plodded around the three field-festival site. I got effortlessly fitter from plodding.

This Tibetan soup – from the Outer Regions cafe – sustained me. So nourishing. light and warming. Perfect for rainy days and before dance workshops.


(Soup – something you can make quickly with what’s in the fridge. Fry onions or leeks, chilli and garlic. Slice or chop veg: carrots, courgettes, green beans, potatoes – the smaller you cut ’em the quicker they cook. Add a handful of cooked dried beans such as butter beans or open a tin of plain beans. The trick with soup is how much water: it is easier to add than than remove. So start with two mugfuls and see how it goes. Add noodles towards the end of cooking.  Season with black pepper.)

I am grateful to Mike for making healthy refreshing breakfast every morning.

A camping-must. Muesli and fruit (bring knife to chop). Add water, so no cooking needed.

Festivals are up-and-down (like life) – all I know is I felt great when I got back.

4 responses to “Tibetan soup at Buddhafield 2011

  1. Thanks for taking me to Buddhafield, at least virtually. My mouth is watering and, as it is a rainy day here, I am off to the fridge to hunt up some soup stuff! I love your blog! JC


    • Ah, thanks Jody.

      The Tibetan soup had the same effect on me.

      I thought: “How come I had forgotten about soup?” and have made it once a week since Buddhafield. Plus I love the way you can just add bits to it and it changes daily!

      You would love Buddhafield. The quality of the live music is exceptional.


  2. Another fabulous Buddhafield festival, it’s all in the breakfast ;0) Well begun is arriving, this festival would be worth it just for the dance but the people, sacred woods, talks, ceremonies and the Tibetan soup just make it perfect!

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful memory xx


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