Fish4Ever challenges big brands

As a journalist and food campaigner, I help Fish4Ever with its communications. I cannot work for a cause or company I don’t believe in.

So, I have the privilege of asking nosy questions and learning about the politics of fish.

Lunch: a fried-medley of Fish4Ever sardine fillets (Steenberg’s Organic online £1.60) on a bed of organic rice vermicelli.

Medly: I fry sliced shallots/onions, garlic and chilli in the organic oil in which the fish are canned – Fish4Ever uses 100% organic land ingredients.

I add the sardine fillets, mashing them (was that respectful?). I snip-in fresh parsley .

Fish4Ever canned fish is in a class of its own, fished traditionally (70% MSC-certified, the rest artisan) and quickly-conserved for freshness.

I am a real food lover and here’s why: you do good – it tastes good.

Why is it important to look after the fish?

Fishing technology is too effective. Desired species are being hunted to extinction.

Its hunting methods are indiscriminate, killing turtles, sea birds, dolphins.

There are too many factory boats and not enough fish. Regulations to control catches are insufficient and often ignored. Out at sea, where no one is looking, rules can be flouted. Poor countries suffer from foreign piracy on an industrial scale.

Hugh’s Fish Fight on Channel 4 earlier this month focused on changing the fishing methods of the big tuna brands and own-label supermarkets.

The food corporations’ proposed changes are far better than nothing.

However, although the big brands may well promise a “pole and line” range, their primary business remains likely unchanged.

Each Fish4Ever can has a story – including the smallest tuna fishing boats in the world.

This is not an eco-add-on. Fish4Ever’s raison d’être is care of land, sea and people.

That’s what I call an ethical company.

21 responses to “Fish4Ever challenges big brands

  1. Well done Elizabeth for speaking on our behalf. Your simple recipe sounds great – I can see myself enjoying the same with warm crusty bread for a light lunch.
    Keep up the good work.


  2. Thanks again Elisabeth for sussing out the true story of how to ethically eat fish! I wish I could find that brand here…I would buy it in a second! I am surrounded by corporate fishing, where the only thing that matters is money…to hell with being good stewards of the worlds oceans! It is comforting to know there are still folks around who care 🙂


  3. It’s great to know that I can eat delicious, brain-feeding fish and still feel good about my choice. Inexpensive too!

    Good also, Real Food Lover, that you are helping to spread the word about friendly fishing.

    Something usually smells fishy when it comes to canned fish. But not here. Phew!


  4. Land, sea and people – rather than profit and huge-scale suffering. Yes! Indiscriminate hunting methods need to be stopped! Thank you for speaking out – and showing that there are alternatives.


  5. This brand would do well in the US? Presumably, it could shipped out from the UK, if ordered on the internet.


  6. Also, I have heard that fish4fEver have great labour policies. Could you let us know more? (if you have the time)


    • Hi Phil

      Thanks for asking.

      Fish4Ever will not work with fisheries that are the result of an unequal deal between poor countries and rich countries.

      Nor will it support long-distance foreign water fishing fleets fishing in the coastal waters of Majority World countries.

      Nor will Fish4Ever support sweatshop-type factories in developing countries with no labour rights.

      More info on Fish4Ever’s sustainability policy for land, sea – and people.

      Thanks for question, Phil.



  7. Dear Elizabeth

    I’m having problems registering!! I clicked on the yellow button to register and then it asked me for a code number for which I have not. How do I get the code number? Any idea at all? Please come back to me.
    Thank you


  8. Hi Nina and other fellow food-bloggers

    The lovely Tech N Taste people have given me a special code for you and other bonafide food bloggers

    Just add “Tech-n-Taste_TICKET” when asked for a code number.

    See you there, Nina!


  9. Thank you so much Elisabeth for the information contained therein which really helped in retrieving my entry documentation.
    I am looking forward to seeing you in person on the 15th.
    Kind regards


    • Jolly good, Nina – see you there. Bring a copy or two of your book, African Fusion Cooking…


      • Just a brief note to say thank you for inviting me to the foodie event and it was also a pleasure meeting you in person. It was a very convivial evening and making new foodie friends. Please bear me in mind whenever such foodie event takes place in the near future. Once again thank you and speak soon.
        Kind regards


  10. Hi Elisabeth, what great work Fish4Ever are doing to ensure sustainability in fishing and well done for helping to promote their work. I can certainly vouch for the quality of their yellow fin tuna. It was delicately flavoured and well savoured with a twist of lime, tomato and avocado on a crusty baguette – gert lush!


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