Keepers: Creamed coconut rice and raw vegetable marinade

Recently two recipes have entered my cooking repertoire. Both vegan (as it happens) they complement each other (as it happens). I want to record them with credits.

Creamed coconut rice

Step up, Claire Milne, the leading light behind the No Tesco in Stokes Croft campaign (and compadre), and the genius who came up with the easiest way to make the best coconut rice ever.

To cooked brown rice, add creamed coconut, cut small so it melts easily, and hey presto: soothing, luxurious coconut rice.

For 8 people: 3 mugs of rice for 6 mugs of water (how to cook brown rice here), 1 creamed coconut block (200g) cut in small pieces. (correction on rice proportions thanks for comment below).

(Experiment with adding cooked lentils, squash fried in small cubes, fresh herbs etc.).

Raw vegetable marinade

Step up,  Julia Guest. A filmmaker who made Letter To The Prime Minister in Bagdad during the bombing, in Fallujah during the occupation.

Julia’s current film, In Her Own Image, is an exploration of female divinity – in response to the war in Iraq as she explains at Indiegogo (where you can crowd-source/support the film). 

Anyway, food – where was I?

Raw vegetable marinade

A marinade is a sauce in which you soak your raw food (usually before cooking but in this case, no cooking required).

Which vegetables can you eat raw? Certainly not potatoes.  More info on raw food here.

I ate sliced mushroom, grated courgette, matchsticks of beetroot.

Choose veg you usually eat raw such as tomatoes, cucumber, radish, but think of others such as carrot or cabbage.

Sliver or slice or grate or anyway cut nice and slim.

Superfood dressing: tamari and cider vinegar and olive oil in equal proportions.

The marinade helps digestion of the vegetables.

Let the sliced veg soak in the dressing for a couple of hours before serving.

Would go well with the creamed coconut rice.

6 responses to “Keepers: Creamed coconut rice and raw vegetable marinade

  1. Sounds great. I love coconut rice and with the zingy veg flavours + their crunch, it sounds like they’d complement each other perfectly. I might add some puy lentils too. I’ve been cooking an Ottolenghi recipe with lightly-roasted veg (celery, carrot and tomatoes) with puy, herbs, oil and balsamic too which sounds similar, though lightly cooked.


    • Hi Paul

      Thanks for your comment!

      Yes, zingy is the word.

      Puy lentils…love.

      The Ottolenghi recipe sounds good. Hmnnnn, lightly-roasted, eh? Is that about 20 mins? And addition of balsamic vinegar to roasted veg – yes: instant rich tasty zinginess!


  2. YUM YUM YUM!!! There you go again E, giving us another way to get our veggies and please our mouths at the same time!! Thanks!!


  3. Are you sure about the proportions for the coconut rice? That sounds like a lot of coconut for that much rice, and not much rice for that many people…


  4. Hi Joe

    Am I sure about proportions?


    Yes, I definitely used more creamed coconut – a whole block! – than I do normally.

    But I think I under-estimated the rice amounts.

    I am a guess-timate cook (a bit of that, a bit of this). In fact the last time I made this recipe, I added lentils and squash so 1 mug of uncooked brown rice was sufficient.

    On reflection, I would say: more rice!


    If you are only using brown rice (and not lentils etc), I would say: 2.5 mugs of (uncooked) brown rice and 5 mugs of water for 6 – 8 people.

    I will amend that – thanks, Joe!


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