I ask Nadia over. Our plan: to make a video of cooking kedgeree, then scoff it convivially.

We assemble the ingredients, position Nadia at the cooker and I film the three-minute video on my iPhone without a script.

I like it fast and real, like my food.

According to Wikipedia, kedgeree ‘consists of cooked, flaked fish (sometimes smoked haddock), boiled rice, parsley, hard-boiled eggs, curry powder, butter or cream and occasionally sultanas’.

We use Organico Nerone (black) rice, into which, once cooked, we stir 1 tsp curry powder, quartered organic hard-boiled eggs, chopped dates, Fish4Ever peppered mackerel then lemon juice + chopped parsley.

We concoct curry powder with ground spices. Recipe for future ref: 4 tsp coriander + 2 tsp turmeric + 2 tsp chilli + 1 tsp ginger + 1 tsp mustard seed + 2 tsp cinnamon + 8 single cloves. We only use 1 tsp of this mix in the kedgeree. Would be wrong to overpower the rest of the ingredients…

No sultanas but miraculously I have dates, softening in water. We decide 8 cut-up small ones are fine. No butter because the fish is canned in plenty of organic sunflower oil. (I hope this encourages you to experiment when cooking).

Before Nadia arrives, I hard-boil eggs.  Note to self: try 3 next time.

I boil the rice.

250 g Organico Nerone rice simmers for 40 mins in 800 ml water. A whole grain, cook black rice as if brown rice: 1 cup of rice for 2 of water.

Listen, sometimes cooking is guess-work. Jamie Oliver uses 170g of long-grain rice for his kedgeree recipe but give no quantities of water. Water has to cover the rice generously because rice swells.

Amounts-wise, I’m a bit hit-and-miss. (Gad, how I hate reading posts like this when desperately seeking a recipe. Sorry). How do you cook your rice?

STOP PRESS: After saying on Twitter that I could not find a classic kedgeree recipe online, chef James McIntosh blogged this one! Fresh!

I was dying to try Organico Nerone rice. Known as ‘forbidden rice’, it did not disappoint. Dramatically black, the cooked grains are fragrant, dense and vibrant.

A speciality grain, it is grown only in parts of the Po valley. Charles Redfern, Organico’s founder and MD, is rightly proud of his artisan suppliers – Organico Nerone rice is cultivated and packed by the Picco family, growing it since 1878.

Organico Nerone rice recently won two stars in the 2012 Great Taste Awards. “Two stars = faultless” according to the Great Taste Awards.

Declaring interests, Organico and its sister company Fish4Ever are clients. I only promote what is Winkle-tastic real food. And I did the video just-for-the-love-of-it.

Fish4Ever, the world’s first sustainable canned fish brand, is store-cupboard convenience with a conscience. In organic world, everything is connected. Fish4Ever’s eco-practices include supporting local day boats, artisan fishing and local canning, and 100% organic land ingredients. The result? Quality fish. It’s a virtuous circle.

Here’s me eating it. Yup, I overcooked the rice a bit. And still, utterly delicious.

Black rice kedgeree served with grated carrots

And here it is, served the next day.

11 responses to “Kedgeree

  1. Yahoo! Thank you for an interesting recipe. It’s Kedgeree for me on Sunday morning (MUST be smoked haddock!). You are officially film stars. Nadia has a wonderful looking kitchen and you a beautiful black hat Elisabeth.


    • Thanks so much, John – MUCH appreciated.

      The black hat is much loved headband which no girl (and/or cyclist) should be without.

      It keeps one’s ears warm but does not mess up the hair!


  2. Inspiring. It shows that good food can be quick and easy too. It’s about imagination, like your books.
    Hey, I know a movie star now!


    • Hi Paul

      Lovely to hear from you.
      So pleased the message got through: as you say: “Good food can be quick and easy”.
      Using our imagination (in every sphere) is under-rated sometimes.

      Yes, Nadia is a movie star, eh!?



    • Hey, Paul

      To add: great news about your forthcoming photographic exhibition in Brighton

      – including your iconic pics of the Smiths (and more)

      YAY. Please keep us posted. Would love to go.

      PS Hey, folks: Paul Norris took my profile pic, best ever, thanks, Paul.


  3. Thanks for the kind comments all. It’s always a pleasure to cook simply and eat well. Real food should be stress-free and ideally, shared with friends – as this kedgeree was. Once the indredients are assembled, it’s literally seconds between peeling the fish-tin lid off to cracking the white wine bottle open! Sizzle, pop, sigh.


  4. My mouth is watering. Perfect supper. Love the colours.


  5. O what fun to watch you both! This made my Friday morning. Well done, girls. Looking forward to much much more of these videos.


    • O thanks, Philippa! Your encouragement is much appreciated. In fact Nadia and I are plotting and planning a radio show called…Relentless Optimism…and more videos. So pleased it brings pleasure, More, more!


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