Celeriac salad


Celeriac’s brutish appearance belies its tender nature.

This winter root vegetable makes a fabulous nutritious raw salad in minutes.

Here is the celeriac peeled, its dirty shavings discarded and its whiteness revealed, ready for grating.

Celeriac - grated with ingredients

After grating it, I dressed the organically-grown celeriac with yogurt, balsamic vinegar, olive oil and lemon juice. All organic because I want less of the bad stuff,Β more of the good stuff.

Nigel Slater’s classic celeriac remouladeΒ is made with cream and mayonnaise. He points out dressed celeriac goes soggy overnight so eat it freshly-made.

Celeriac salad goes well with many dishes such as fish

Celeriac - salad

– and is also just great on its own.

9 responses to “Celeriac salad

  1. Sounds yummy! Hope I can find some celeriac in Flagstaff?


  2. I love celeriac and made a remoulade celeriac salad this Christmas. I used mayo with a little yogurt and some chopped capers and gherkins. It’s lovely and as you say, ugly on the outside but tender within.


  3. Thank you for supporting the humble and much-misunderstood celeriac, Paul. And thanks for your recipe suggestions with addition of chopped capers and gherkins. Brilliant! (Did you make your own mayo? Knowing you I bet you did!).


  4. On this occasion I went for Helmanns. OK, so now I feel guilty!


    • No guilt necessary!

      I am a mayonnaise-in-a-jar addict myself. But I go for the organic brands so I know the eggs are from happy hens and the oil is cold-pressed and not chemically-processed. And to help the organic farmers, and the soil and wildlife too….

      O! Hope that does not induce guilt, either! So hard to talk about food choices without sounding like the Food Police, isn’t it?!


  5. Elisabeth, you are so videogenic! Just saw your “Why I love video” on your youtube channel and loved it. I really think you are the organic alternative tv food chef. Also, have just discovered a new sauce to be made simply: mash roquefort or any blue cheese cheese into cream, as a side for veggies or meat (the latter I can’t seem to gnash my teeth around nowadays.) Hubby Daniel is now preparing his famed New Year’s Eve margueritas. Cheers everybody from Flagstaff!


  6. That was a very simple recipe, Elisabeth! I can’t find it in my local veggie market.All over France, they sell the readymade salad in their deli counter. If any some time I do get hold of the fresh celeriac, I shall make my own!!


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