Christmas coleslaw

After seasonal excess, I crave a dish to revitalise my innards and reboot my digestion.

“Oh, herbacious treat! ‘Twould tempt the dying anchorite to eat…”

I love new age raw, as in for instance Kate Magic.

And coleslaw is a classic.

Ah, the classics never let you down. Tried-and-tested, refined by human habit, a classic endures for good reason.

Coleslaw traditionally uses cabbage, a seasonal winter vegetable brimming with goodness.

I use organic ingredients to get maximum nutritional benefits. Plus its farming practices save the soil and the bees.

Coleslaw recipe

Basically grate, grate and shred, shred as finely as possible. (How I bless my power-tool, the food processor) then cover liberally with luscious dressing.

1lb 8 oz (680g) each of grated carrots and white cabbage

1 pint (0.6L) well-blended dressing made truly-tangy with lemon juice and crushed garlic
– Juice of 1.5 lemons (organic lemons are more juicy because growth is steady not boosted by artificial fertiliser).
– 3-4 garlic cloves
– olive oil (organic ensures authenticity)
– balsamic vinegar
– natural yogurt (or replace with additional oil and vinegar)
– seasoning.

Thanks to nudge from John (below): I estimate for 500 ml dressing 300 ml yogurt + 250 ml olive oil with remaining ml: balsamic + lemon juice. I would squeeze the lemon juice and then add balsamic to taste (a good slosh).

Put the copious amounts of grated scrubbed/peeled raw carrots and finely shredded cabbage. Add the dressing, mixing well.

Versatile, serve it solo or with all manner of dishes including curries and hey – that left-over Christmas roast.


8 responses to “Christmas coleslaw

  1. I published this last night but for some reason it has a dodgy link, so I republished it again the next day. Could it be related to switching between WordPress app on ‘phone and the WordPress site on the web? Hmnnn, studying this one….


  2. Stranger, and stranger – I note the post’s publication date is 27 December…this was the date I started the draft (two days before final publication) on my ‘phone app. Hmnnnnn…


  3. I can vouch for this being delicious. Christmas food is great but can be quite rich and it was a welcome and flavoursome alternative.


  4. This looks amazing Elisabeth.Could you let me know what the proportions for the yoghurt and balsamic are so I can give it a go please.
    Oh, and a very happy New Year to you.
    John 🙂


    • Thanks for that nudge. Amounts are not my forte! So I made up another batch (no hardship) and I estimate for 500 ml dressing: 300 ml yogurt + 250 ml olive oil with remaining ml: balsamic + lemon juice.

      I would squeeze the lemon juice and then add balsamic to taste (a good slosh).

      Happy new year to you, John!


  5. Dear Elisabeth

    Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!!

    I tried to comment on your lovely Xmas coleslaw recipe but it kept rejecting it. Is there a problem with your site? Admittedly, I’ve recently updated my computer to Windows 7, will this have an effect on its compatability? I am not computer savvy like you (haha) but may be you can shed some light on it. Previously, before I updated my computer, I was able to send comments on all your recipes.

    Have a lovely New Year’s eve.

    Best wishes


    Date: Sun, 29 Dec 2013 23:58:06 +0000 To:


  6. Hi Nina

    I have had some problems with WordPress in last year when all my hitherto approved contributors were needing “approval” each time they posted. So maybe the problem was this end.

    But I am glad to see your comment made it, eventually. Thanks for persevering, Nina!

    Happy New Year, Elisabeth


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