Carrot and coconut salad plus literacy


Handwritten notes – clearly of importance because they hang around for years – yet they exist on scraps of paper, with no proper home.

OK, time to give two of them the attention they deserve.


George Cooper (who gave me the recipe on the above note) has since published a book on nutrition with recipes. Be Your Own Nutritionist marries traditional (mid-Victorian healthy diet) and modern thinking. As an acupuncturist, he also brings ancient eastern wisdom. Practical information on nutrition at George Cooper’s website.

“Dr George dressing for grated carrots” (says the note)

3 tablespoon coconut milk
1.5 tablespoon olive oil
1 teaspoon turmeric
1 teaspoon honey

Pour dressing over grated carrots. Above amounts worked for three big carrots to serve 2-3. I grated ginger with the carrots too. (Carrots were organic, from local organic farm shop, Radford Mill Farm).

Delicious – now I see why I have hung onto that note for eight years. The cumin adds a special taste.

Next up…


My note says:

one of the lowest literacy
in developed nations
and highest obesity in Europe.

(Sunday Times)”

Is there a connection between the two?

6 responses to “Carrot and coconut salad plus literacy

  1. Thank you for your kind words. Dressings are incredibly important for salads – they help digestibility in our cold damp climate. Incidentally a piece on the subject will be coming soon in my column, will advertise!


    • Hi George

      Very interesting to read that dressings are “nutritionally important and help digestibility”. That is exactly how they feel and why I love them so much, making salads and steamed greens a slurpy, delicious dish. I have often thought: I need this mayonnaise/yogurt/oil/garlic (etc) to digest but never considered that it was anything beyond an idiosyncrasy.

      Also great to read your piece on Lazy Detox in this quarter’s Spark magazine. Keep us posted on the next column.

      All best, Elisabeth


  2. Simplicity in recipe does not come any simpler than this carrot and coconut salad. One could make this with their eyes shut! good job you kept the note after all these years.


  3. Thanks, Nina! Yes, my favourite recipes are the simple ones, the ones you get to know by heart.


  4. Lúcia Marafona

    This page main goal is to divulge organic goods or services that are, most of all, friends of the environment! 🙂


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