Radical Tea Towel Company rocks

Plate of grub, green and mauve original Art Nouveau suffragette designed oven gloves held by smiling woman in dark glasses in red dress

The Radical Tea Company offered me an oven glove with a suffragette design.

How could I say no?

Firstly, I could not resist the humour of a traditionally-female object, an oven glove, depicted with a powerful feminist message.

Secondly, I salute the suffragettes who suffered to win women the right to vote.


Feminism liberates us all – male and female – from soul-crushing expectations of how we should behave.

The Radical Tea Towel Company started when founder, Beatrice Pearce, tried finding a gift for a family member celebrating his 91st birthday. David Finch, part of British socialist history, was not much of a materialist.

Beatrice wanted something practical, that he could make use of, daily. And also reflect his passion for politics.

“And that’s when I thought – a tea towel! But not just any old tea towel. One with a radical or political theme,” says Beatrice.

T-shirts with a message were a-plenty on the Web, in 2011, but not a tea towel to be found.

Beatrice recalls thinking:

“Well, if I want a political tea towel and after an hour of googling can’t find a single one, I wonder how many other people want the same and can’t find one either? Clearly a gap in the market!”

Thus the Radical Tea Towel Company was born.

The Radical Tea Towel Company features the progressive voices of my allies from the past.

I am who I am, thanks to them.

"We have to free half the human race, the women, so that they can help free the other half."  Quote by Emmeline Pankhurst and her and image OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

14 responses to “Radical Tea Towel Company rocks

  1. And muchos thanks to my sis’s partner, Paul Norris of Profile Communications, for handy help with pic (taking dark shadows out caused by bright sun). Thanks, Paul – and for creating the dish I am holding (herby and spicy home-made, hand-minced koftas). And the BBQ!


  2. We’re very proud of our stuff 🙂 Definitely going to have to get part 2 of our story out on the blog soon!


  3. What a brilliant idea!


  4. As always, practical enlightenment! You made my day again E!


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  6. Perfect for a bit of kitchen inspiration! Thanks for sharing 🙂


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  8. How can I get the tea towel Elisabeth? I love it!


  9. Hi Nina – thanks! I will let The Radical Tea Towel Company know that a fellow food blogger is interested!


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