Rhubarb Kimchi

I never know what to do with rhubarb (don’t like all the sweetness needed to make it palatable) so this is a welcome recipe from Annie Levy’s Kitchen Counter Culture blog.

Rhubarb grows plentifully now in the ‘hungry gap’ when the UK’s productivity of fresh produce is at its lowest.

Since Annie Levy introduced me to kimchi via a jar of plum kimchi sent by post, I make it regularly . This Korean condiment combines two fine attributes: zingy-taste and digestion-soother. Now with rhubarb, a third quality can be added: super-seasonal.

Rhubarb kimchi is the answer!

Kitchen Counter Culture


La la la la la la la LA LAAAAAAAAAH.  La la la la la la la.  LA.  LA.  LAAAAAAHHHHHHH.

Sing along with me, the Rhubarb Kimchi Song.  As Plum Kimchi heralded autumn, Rhubarb Kimchi will greet the spring. La La lalalalalalahhhh.

I pulled some stalks from a perennial bed I’d made last year.  Everything’s come up again, which is satisfying for a not-great gardener like me.


Removed the poisonous leaves, and sliced them.

IMG_5615 (1)

And added some sea salt, some orange zest, and juice of that orange.  And some spring onions.


And massaged the mix with a paste of chilli powder, garlic, ginger, onion seeds (kalonji/ nigella), and a little sugar.

IMG_5618 (1)

And smushed it down in a jar.  (The jar doesn’t need to be covered with a lid actually.  And I’ll keep it on a plate, because in the next few days the fluid is going to rise and fall.)


Rhubarb Kimchi Recipe

Mix together:
12 oz/…

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3 responses to “Rhubarb Kimchi

  1. The end product looks yummy. I shall try the recipe.x


  2. We loved your plum kimchi so rhubarb kimchi must be delicious.


  3. I can’t wait to make it!


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