Sore throat? Use the whole lemon!  






I had a sore throat. My mother said:

“Drink hot lemon. Use the whole lemon.”

Yeah, yeah, I know about lemons. Indeed, lemon water  – a squeeze o’ lemon  in water plus the peel – is my daily, refreshing, health-giving drink.

But, wait….

The whole lemon? A revelation.

“In the days before antibiotics, that is what we used,” says my mother, now aged 93. “My grandfather used to gargle every morning with warm salted water to prevent infections.”

Lemons deliver an impressive 187% of a person’s daily value of Vitamin C, as well as a host of other disease-fighting nutrients, according to Dr Mercola.

So I squeeze the juice of a whole lemon in a mug of boiling hot water and add a dessertspoon of honey.

Don’t stint on the honey. It makes it delightful to drink – and honey adds health-giving properties.

I cannot mention honey without comment: How outrageous that pesticides used by chemical agriculture are killing our beautiful bees.

My throat felt much better. So I made myself another hot drink with the juice of a whole lemon. And my sore throat was cured.

I also reach for the raw ginger, and raw garlic, when under-the-weather. What are your favourite natural remedies?

Lemon to be squeezed and South Gloucestershire jar of honey

8 responses to “Sore throat? Use the whole lemon!  

  1. That sounds like a very soothing drink. I was very happy to see a lone bee i my garden today.

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  2. Actually I suck a whole lemon but put sugar on it. I don’t bother with the drink!

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  3. Lemon with honey is the best of all cold remedies! Sometimes, I use manuka instead of ‘normal’ honey. Does wonders.

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  4. It is best not to cook or over heat honey – it destroys a lot of the health-giving properties. GINGER! Grate a mass into a pan, pour on water and gently simmer for 3 or 4 minutes, add lemon 🙂 Bicarbonate of Soda and Lemon juice with water – drink whilst still fizzing! Very cleansing and alkalising 🙂 Echinacea – works, just works!

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  5. I add ginger and a pinch of cayenne… cold/decongestant remedy I’ve ever found. Thanks for spreading the word E…you are awesome, as always!

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  6. Here are some tips from Facebook friends:

    Adam: Rosehip is also an excellent source of concentrated Vitamin C and used to be widely used throughout the land.

    Susan: Turmeric – I swear by it! A teaspoon of powdered + tsp of honey in warm/hot water as often as poss while really ill – works wonders plus is a general anti-inflammatory so good for troubled guts. You can also add grated turmeric root to your ginger tea… Oh, and also gargle with tea tree – a few drops of tt oil in warm water. Tastes revolting! And thyme tea now I come to think it – so always something available in the kitchen cupboard!

    Nadia: I swear by sage gargles.

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  7. When I have the beginnings of a cold I will use 1 whole lemon and a good dollop of honey and usually the cold loses. I also think a positive attitude of “I can beat this” helps fight off illness.


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