Blog tips

1. Never blog out of duty. It’s more like “bursting into song”.

2. Take advantage of your freedom. Be aware of your reader by making every sentence readable. But don’t feel you have to write to please.

3. Adding a photo makes the blog more real.

4. Go visit other blogs. Read, learn, and leave a comment. Hopefully fellow-bloggers will return the visit.

5. Let people know about your blog via Facebook and Twitter. It takes time to build up Friends (Facebook) and Followers (Twitter), and you will start small. No account yet? Start now! More on social media at my other blog.

6. Blog about what you know – you are the expert. And you have untapped reservoirs of unique you-ness to draw on.

7. Choose an angle. Don’t be too general, for instance: ‘My blog meanderings’. I chose food as my angle and I am glad I did because I eat every day. I never run out of ideas.

8. If you haven’t got a blog, go to get one. The best way to learn, is to do it. Go to to sign up for your free blog. All you need is an email address to register.

9. I use WordPress because it is one of the most popular and technically well-supported blogs in the world. I also chose WordPress because it is open source and does not belong to a corporate concern, such as Google’s Blogger. This appeals to my anarchic self but there is a practical reason: you can add an open source blog to a website, if need be, but it would be harder with a corporate one.

10. Don’t feel intimidated by the technology. The reason why blogs are so popular is because tecchies have made the technology easy-to-use for non-tecchies such as myself. You will pick things up as you go along. So just do it.

11. Chris Brogan, the online genius, has written a great post on writing better blog posts. Chris  uses subtitles to break up text. When a visitor (one of his zillion) commented on this, Chris replied: “I break mine up with a bunch of h3 tags, which also tells Google what I think is important to think about.” (I put this here as a reminder – an example of how your blog is your personal resource).

12. Many thanks to Mike Farrow, who did the research on the best blogging platform to use (without telling me until recently), saying only: “Go to” As always, I listened to him – he is a technical genius, after all.

14. How do I do I get the sort of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) companies pay thousands for ? I think it is because I and the people who comment contribute fresh content regularly. The more visits (doubling every year) , the more Real Food Lover becomes findable.

15. This blog started as an experiment and I chose its name, Real Food Lover, spontaneously (literally seconds), without any thought for its Google future. As it turns out, it was a good name because of the times I repeat the word: food.

16. Why blog? Because blogging offers glorious self-expression, creates a record of your work, teaches you  online skills, gives you an unique marketing and communications tool – and it is free.

Thanks for image of Harry Belafonte (1954) to

25 responses to “Blog tips

  1. Thanks, Elisabeth for your tips, support and blogging inspiration xx


  2. ….how can I add photos to these messages, anyone kno?


  3. realfoodlover

    Thanks, Mark. Do you mean a photo – or ‘avatar’ – to go with your comment?


  4. yes how do you send photos with comments I can’t work that one out either…do you have to send photos through the e mail so the bloggee can approve them or is there a secret code?
    erm whats an ‘avatar’ is this an in term that I’m not in on???


  5. Try this.

    The service is free – all you need is an email address to register.

    I took a pic of myself using my webcam and uploaded my pic from my desktop to the Gravatar website. If I can do it, then it must be fairly straightforward. But let me know if not…


  6. An avatar is an image that represents you. It can be either an actual pic (such as VIZ the corner of my face peering at my webcam wondering if the technology is going to work or whether I am doomed to be perpetually on the outside of everything…) or an image of your choosing. A gravatar is one you can use all over the web hence the g (for global) added to the word avatar.


  7. What I was trying to say is that you can’t send photos with comments to a blog (or can you with your gravatar thing?) …. Well you were asking to see some pics of the poly tunnels and the produce and I think the only way we can do that is to set up a castle farm blog and link or email you some pics.
    Hum but all this technical stuff is sometimes beyond me…… ie photoshop … eek downright scary …..I even went on a course …… yeah I could do stuff the same night I got home from my class ….but several months down the line without any practice and I am back where I started …baffled! Durh…
    I am impressed you know all the right terminology (respect)………..I am still using’ ‘thingamybob’,whatsamaflip’ and ‘dodahs’ or when I really don’t get it….. tourette type expletetives!


  8. pandorapickle

    oooh look it worked…I’ve been chasing around my mac trying to work how to do it and it did it itself….brill


  9. Please could you update the link you have to Gregory Sams currently at to

    on this page:



  10. realfoodlover

    Stuart, it is done. The link to Gregory Sams’ amazing website is changed to

    I mentioned my gratitude to Gregory and Craig Sams for supplying brown rice to my hippy younger-self at this post

    Thanks for checking the link is now accurate. Stuart, how did you know it was out-of-date?


  11. Thank you for the tips. They are really useful


  12. It was lovely to me you!!! i’m going to keep checking your Blog for hot tips, i’m just getting into bread at the moment.

    my blog is:

    it’s still in it’s infancy, but I learning 😀 X


  13. Hi Matthew – your blog is beautiful with some stunning thought-provoking pictures – such as the peaceful demo that got teargassed.

    Thanks to Chris Brogan’s great post (see Tip no 6) and the amazing discussion that followed, I found:
    – worth exploring.


  14. Thank you, Elizabeth, for these wonderful tips. I just began my new blog yesterday and your ideas will set me on the right path as I move ahead. It was such a pleasure and a delight to hear you speak yesterday at the Cafe of Ideas in Bath and to meet your fabulous daughter. I look forward to getting my teeth stuck into your blog now..! See you soon, I hope. Best wishes to M. Arabella x


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  16. Hi Elisabeth

    Thanks for the tips! And thanks for the lift!
    My blog’s not public yet, so I won’t post the link here, but I’ll let you know when it’s ready.

    Have a nice day,



  17. Fascinating and inspiring – galvanising! x


  18. Really good tips on blogging and some really interesting posts too – thanks.
    Like you, I am inspired by food and have set up a website which I hope will become a resource for rice lovers in time.
    Thanks again


  19. if i say tesco is a photocopy of wall mart, i may be unliked


  20. Some good advice – I love WordPress. Long may it reign! I think photos are an absolute *must* – especially for food bloggers. If I click onto a blog with no or poor-quality pictures, I am much more likely to click off again, unless the writing is superb.


  21. Hypercoolce post, c’est curieux de voir comment tout ca a évolué. En tout cas, un grand merci pour votre energie, continuez comme ca!


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    Shane Luffman
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