Find Local Food in the UK

Big Barn

Founded by fifth-generation Bedfordshire farmer, Anthony Davison, this amazing site is a radical alternative to supermarkets.

With its constantly evolving and updated database, Big Barn is a treasure trove of local food suppliers.

Uniquely, you can type in your postcode to see a local food map of your area, and a marketplace of online artisan food and drink shops, so you can buy direct from it, as well as source suppliers.

A Community Interest Company, Big Barn is not about making big bucks – instead it wants to make big changes to our food system, from the grassroots up.

Food bloggers and food groups – follow my example. Contact BigBarn, promote its fab database on your site – and earn commission at the same time. What’s not to like?

One response to “Find Local Food in the UK

  1. Hello Elisabeth,

    Considering the spirit of your blog, I thought you might be able to support an important project about sharing food-growing skills with the wider local community in South East England.
    We would appreciate re-posting of our crowdfunder if possible!!

    Many thanks!
    Volunteer at Farnham Local Food


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